Best Essay Competitions in Nigeria 2022
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Best Essay Competitions In Nigeria 2024 (Latest Update)

Best Essay Competitions In Nigeria – Are you an aspiring student to study abroad? Do you wish to have a scholarship to one of the famous schools in Nigeria and abroad? Here, we will bring to you the best essay competitions in Nigeria as of the current year, that will help you bounce to your dream school.

An avenue for students in Nigeria to strengthen their writing and intellectual skills is the essay competition. Additionally, it is set up to encourage youth initiative, creativity, and energy in the promotion of a culture of peace and sustainable development.

It also attempts to motivate society to take inspiration from young people and consider how each of us may change the world.

However, some of the competitions in Nigeria are for students in senior secondary schools, while others are for undergraduates at different postsecondary institutions.

The winning entry in the essay writing competition will get fantastic prizes. Winners can get scholarships to study at any African university of their choice, among other incentives.

Nevertheless, we’ll examine the most thorough list of the best essay competitions in Nigeria for the year 2024, complete with a fair amount of competition. The relevant details about the essay, its word count, the submission deadline, and the winner’s award have all been gathered.

Why Take Part in Nigerian Essay Contests?

  • It is a great way to get paid for your writing abilities.
  • It inspires you to write more imaginatively and experiment with new writing methods.
  • It increases your comfort level with writing.
  • It strengthens your capacity for deep thought and your ability to generate new thoughts.

Read on for more information if you want to use your writing skills to earn money:

Best Essay Competitions In Nigeria (2024 Update)

The Rayol Commonwealth Society (RCS) Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition in Nigeria 2023

Best Essay Competitions in Nigeria 2022

The Duchess of Cornwall assisted in the Commonwealth organization in organizing this article. “Climate Action and the Commonwealth” serves as the theme of the essay contest.

The essay solicits young Nigerians’ engagement in addressing climate challenges and they are open to the candidate’s suggestions.

2024/2025 World Bank #Blog4Dev Essay Competition

The Blog4Dev essay competition, which was founded in Kenya in 2014, aims to educate young people in Nigeria about topics important to the development of their nation. It is a genuine forum for discussion and the exchange of opinions on pertinent issues.

Nigerians ages 18 to 26 are eligible for the competition. 

However, winners will be invited to the USA to take part in the IMF spring meetings program and internship chances at World Bank headquarters, among other things.

African Organization for Standardization (ARSO) Continental Essay Competition in Nigeria 2024

Best Essay Competitions in Nigeria 2022

The essay eligibility is for Nigerians who are currently in universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education.

The thesis for their essay should be “The Role of Standardization in Resolving and Addressing the Socio-economic Challenges for Refugees, Returnees, and Internally Displaced Persons and Establishing Permanent Solutions to Forced Displacement in Africa.”

The regional first-place winner will get $500, while the second- and third-place finishers will receive gifts of $300 and $200, respectively.

At the continental level, the first-place winner will receive $1,000 and a free trip to Uganda, while the runners-up and third-place finishers will take home, respectively, $800 and $500.

UBA Foundation National Essay Competition in Nigeria

Best Essay Competitions in Nigeria 2022

Every year, the UBA Foundation holds its annual national essay competition. The competition, which promotes a reading and writing culture, is mostly for secondary school students. The essay contest also aims to encourage intellectualism and critical thinking in schools throughout Nigeria.

However, A 2 million Naira prize is given to the first-place winner. The winners of the second and third places would receive 1.5 million and 1 million Naira, respectively.

2024 International Day of the Girl Child Essay Competition

MTN holds essay contests to commemorate the “International Day of the Girl Child.” For Nigerian students in primary and secondary schools, The theme of the article is “female child empowerment.”

Winners get a variety of awards, including plaques, smartphones, and school bags.


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Other Best Essay Competitions in Nigeria 2024/2025

There are so many essay competitions in Nigeria as previously stated in this article, below is the full list of Nigerian essay competitions.


What is the most recent essay contest in Nigeria for 2024?

To stimulate healthy and intellectual competition among secondary school students in Nigeria and throughout Africa, the United Bank of Africa (UBA) is currently taking submissions for the National Essay Competition 20234 which is aimed at senior secondary students in Nigeria.

Which writing contest has the most reputation?

Awards for writing and art by Scholastic. There are 28 distinct categories to enter for the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, which are hailed as “the nation’s longest-running, a most renowned recognition program for creative youth.” Scholarships, cash awards, or tuition aid will be given to winners.

Which program is the most effective for writing?

At the secondary level, English literature, creative writing, and English with a writing emphasis are the most popular majors (composition). These writing degrees provide students with a variety of academic options that can lead to either writing employment or admission to graduate school.

What attributes do writers need?

Knowledge of research, planning and outlining, editing and modifying spelling and grammar, and organization are essential components of the writing process. Writing examples appropriate for the job includes: making a description of the procedure so that others can learn it.

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