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Top 20 Best Aviation Schools in Nigeria in 2024 and Their Websites

Top 20 Best Aviation Schools in Nigeria – Unarguably, Civil Aviation contributes immensely to the Nigerian transport system. There are many airports, helicopters, regulated airports, and more than 20 domestic airlines in the country. Hence, there are numerous aviation schools located in different parts of the country, which vary in courses offered and school fees.

This article presents the list of aviation schools in Nigeria, the courses offered fees, and other necessary information about them.

best Aviation Schools in Nigeria

List of Aviation Schools in Nigeria

The following is a list of aviation schools in Nigeria as revealed by our research,

  1. Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT)
  2. International Aviation College
  3. Dhaewood Aviation Business School (DABS)
  4. Universal School of Aviation
  5. Sky Aviation Training Center
  6. Skywalker Training Center
  7. Landover Aviation Business School (LABS)
  8. Aeroconsult Aviation
  9. Crew Training Institute
  10. Aeroport College of Aviation and Travel Management.
  11. Riteway International School of Travel and Tourism.
  12. Gibair Aviation Academy.
  13. Caverton Aviation Training Center (CATC)
  14. Top Flight International School of Aviation.
  15. The Eagle Air Services Training School.
  16. Lagos Aviation Academy (LAA).
  17. Obafemi Awolowo University Aviation Training Institute

Nigerian College of Aviation Technology

Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT), which was formerly known as the Nigerian Civil Aviation Training Centre was the very first air training institute in Nigeria.

It was founded in 1964 and is located in Zaria, Kaduna State. NCAT is one of the best aviation schools in Nigeria.

The courses offered at NCAT include flight management, aircraft maintenance, engineering, telecommunications, cabin crew courses, international flight planning, private pilot license, and standard pilot license.

Since NCAT is government-owned, the fees are friendlier than other privately owned flight schools and it varies from course to course. A standard pilot course costs about #7.5,000,000.

Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT) can be accessed at

International Aviation College

In the quest to deal with the shortage of well-trained pilots and other aviation professionals that plagued Nigeria some years back, the International Aviation College was established. It is located in Ilorin, Kwara state, and is owned and operated by the state government.

The fee for a standard pilot course in an international Aviation college is around #7,000,000. To access the International College of Aviation, click

Dhaewood Aviation Business School (DABS)

Dhaewood Aviation Business School was privately established in 2005 and has trained so many aviation professionals since then.

DABS offers virtually all aviation courses and the
the fee structure is similar to that of the two government institutions.

Click to access Dhaewood Aviation Business School

Universal School of Aviation

Universal School of Aviation is one of the top-rated aviation schools in Lagos, Nigeria. It is well-known for its professional trainers and industry-relevant courses.

A major contributing factor to the marketability of this school is the fact that it partners with numerous domestic and international airlines.

The courses offered by Universal College of Aviation include Air Ticketing/Reservation, Flight Attendant, Travel, Agency Management, Tourism Management, and Electronic Booking Tools

The fees range from #50,000 for short-term courses to #230,000 for medium-term courses and discounts up to 10% are granted to new students from financially unstable backgrounds. is the official link to the Universal School Of Aviation.

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Sky Aviation Training Center

Located at 7 Akin-Lawanson St, Orile Oshodi, Lagos, Sky Aviation Training Center is a prominent aviation school for professionals working in airlines and travel agencies in Nigeria.

Skywalker Training Center is located in Ikeja, Lagos state, and is an NCAA-certified aviation school in Nigeria.

The school offers courses that are related to commercial aeronautics such as airfare and ticketing, flight planning, airplane maintenance, and engineering, amongst others. is the official website of Sky walker Training Centre.

Landover Aviation Business School

Landover Aviation Business School (LABS) is fully licensed by NCAA Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) and International Air Transport Association (IATA) to train aviation professionals in Nigeria.

LABS offers a variety of courses including Travel & Tourism, Technical& Operations, and Aviation Management.

The fees vary from department to department.

To access or know more about LANDOVER AVIATION BUSINESS SCHOOL, kindly click on

Aeroconsult Aviation

Aeroconsult Aviation Training was founded in 1993 and is fully licensed by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority as an approved Training Organization.

It offers services in operations, engineering, and management consulting aviation and allied industries.

The few vary from #95,000 to #230,000, depending on the course. Visit the school official portal to know more about Aeroconsult.

Crew Training Institute

The Crew Training Institute is another top-rated aviation school in Nigeria providing training to aspiring cabin emphasizes school emphasizes essential data and information on how to follow that career path and ton hey also trains students on the secret to the hiring process that will successfully get you a job in the part of cabin crew member and most of the lecturers have a firsthand experience as cabin crew members.

Courses offered by the school include Cabin Crew Certificate Course, Becoming a Flight Attendant, Resume and Cover Letter Writing.

If you would love to know more or possibly apply for crew training institute admission, kindly visit the school’s official web portal

Aeroport College of Aviation and Travel Management

Aeroport College of Aviation and Travel Management was established to prepare various professionals to fulfill the needs of the quickly growing aviation industry in Nigeria and Globally.

They offer personal training services to ensure the skills and information it takes to succeed in the aviation industry/business are made available.

The school offers courses such as Air Ticketing and Reservations, Cargo Handling, Cabin Crew training, Basic Flight Dispatcher, and Travel Agency Management. is the link to the Aeroport College of Aviation website

Riteway International School of Travel and Tourism

Riteway international school of Travel and Tourism is another prominent pilot school in Nigeria.

It specializes in offering excellent aviation and travel training solutions to individuals desiring a career in the Airline Industry.

Despite the increasing number of students running degree courses, there is a developing interest in adaptability and profoundly skilled workers who don’t necessarily need to have a degree.

The school adopts an interesting and inventive strategy for training that helps participants identify the subject issue, and gain a practical understanding of the program.


Gibair Aviation Academy

Gibair Aviation Academy is part of Gibair Aviation Services, a group that deals in the provision of several travel services to the public.

This school provides training in maritime and aeronautic industries.

Gibair Aviation Academy is among the best institutions for students looking to venture into tour and travel organizations, civil aeronautics, and maritime affairs. is the official Gibair Aviation Academy website, where you can read daily updates about the academy.

Caverton Aviation Training Center (CATC)

CATC is located at Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos.

It is an NCAA-approved institute and it offers world-class training in ground and flight operations.

CATC trainees receive holistic training within the school’s numerous training programs backed up by real-world applications.

Click to access Caverton Aviation Training Center. The school’s official portal is where you can read daily updates about the academy.

Top Flight International School of Aviation

Top Flight International School of Aviation is part of the Egyptian Top Aviation Institute and has instructors certified by the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority.

The school provides its trainees with relevant theoretical and practical training to make them perfect fits for the modern-day aeronautics industry.

Access Topflight through

The Eagle Air Services Training Academy

This aviation school was established in 2012 and specializes in the provision of courses piloting certification courses.

The self-directed structure of the course allows students to pass the country’s FAA knowledge tests to be certified in aviation courses. is the official Eagle Air Academy website, where you can read daily updates and guides about the academy.

Lagos Aviation Academy

LAA was established with the key objective of supporting and raising the competency of the aviation industry at the same time supporting future aviation professionals.

It is no doubt one of the best aviation schools in Nigeria.

LAA focuses on the training and delivery of high-caliber and licensed training programs in aviation at home and abroad.

The school has produced strategic partnerships with local and international aviation bodies and academic institutes, which focus on boosting the significance of aviation training.

Some of the courses offered by LAA are IATA Cargo Handling and IATA Dangerous Goods Regulation. is the Lagos Aviation Academy website, where you can read daily updates about the academy.

Obafemi Awolowo University Aviation Training Institute

The Obafemi Awolowo University was established in the country between 1961 and 1962.

The university has many faculties and departments, one of them being the renowned Aeronautics Training Institute.
Since its creation, the Aeronautics Training Institute has been training aviation professionals. is the official website of this institute.

In conclusion

In Nigeria, there is an increasing number of aviation schools and this makes it difficult to actually pinpoint the actual number. However, this article has presented 17 aviation schools in Nigeria as revealed by our research.

Hope you enjoy reading this! Please, drop your comments below

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