Study Abroad Programs in Puerto Rico for International Students
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Best Study Abroad Programs in Puerto Rico for International Students in 2024

Study Abroad Programs in Puerto Rico for International Students in 2024

Are you an International Student, wishing to study in Puerto  Rico, and want to know the best study abroad programs suitable for you? Want to register? Do you need the official link for registration? Do you know the eligibility criteria or do you have the basic or general requirements needed for this scholarship? 

In the course of this article, we will be talking about the different study abroad programs we have in Puerto Rico for international students. Also, we will give answers to the questions above ranging from a brief overview of the country Puerto Rico, the different scholarships available their eligibility status and the basic requirements. Also, we will give official links for registration. 

Study Abroad Programs in Puerto Rico for International Students
Study Abroad Programs in Puerto Rico for International Students

Overview of Puerto Rico 

This is a country also known or officially known as the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. It is nicknamed in Spanish with an English interpretation “the island of enchantment. 

The country was coined from Spain in 1899. It has its largest city, San Juan. The country’s official language includes Spanish and English. with different ethnic groups, the country practices a devolved presidential constitution with Joe Biden as president and the governor as Pedro Perlusi. 

The legislature of the country is bicameral which includes the upper house and the lower house Historically, the country has about 17 lakes, fifty rivers and rocks. 

This country has the largest and the deepest wrench in the Atlantic. For more information about the country, you can visit its official page. 

Study Abroad Programs Available in Puerto Rico 

Here is a list of study abroad programs that are available in Puerto Rico. They include 

  1. Custom University Study abroad and faculty program 
  2. SEA Undergraduate Study Abroad Program 
  3. SSA: San Juan , Puerto Rico 
  4. Political and Social Movement Course in Puerto Rico 
  5. University of Massachusetts Program 

Custom University Study Abroad and Faculty-Led Program 

This is a therapy abroad program. They work with universities around the world and Puerto Rico is not excluded.

Here students are built from scratch and driven by their goals, values and learning outcomes. 

The programs here help students to gain a better view and clinical hours to increase creativity. Starting from flight insurance, transportation, logistics, safety /risk management, curriculum, leadership, etc.  

The HIghlight of the Program 

  1. The program includes clinical hours 
  2. Adventure Travel 
  3. Entrepreneurial experience in communication sciences 
  4. It involves Faculty Led programming 
  5. Lastly, it includes a speech Pathology professional Observation Hours 

Term of the Program 

Fall, J-Term, Maymester, Short Term, Spring, Spring Break, Summer, Winter, Academic Year 

Subject Focus Areas 

  1. Food science and nutrition 
  2. Geography 
  3. Global studies 
  4. Graduate studies 
  5. Health Sciences 
  6. Indigenous cultures 
  7. Kinesiology 
  8. Life sciences 
  9. Linguistics 
  10. Music 
  11. Nursing 
  12. Physical therapy
  13. Psychology
  14. Public health 
  15. Public policy 
  16. Service learning 
  17. Social sciences 
  18. Social work 
  19. Speech-language 
  20. Pathology 
  21. Sports 
  22. Sport science 
  23. Sustainable development 

Degree level 

  1. Associates 
  2. Bachelors 
  3. Masters 
  4. PhD

For more information/enquiries and application, you can visit 

SEA Undergraduate Study Abroad Program 

This is the second program in our list of study abroad programs in Puerto Rico. This program is accredited and sponsored by Boston University. This is one of the leading off-campus programs which focuses its environmental studies program on the ocean. 

The program consists of different interconnected courses designed to define different ocean-related themes. 

It is available to all undergraduates who are passionate about learning. Each of  the study abroad course programs starts with shore components (training), sea component  and then Academic coursework

Features of the program 

  1. The program focuses on the oceanographic research community of Woods Hole, and Massachusetts.
  2. Admitted Students are active crew members participating in all science and deck operations at sea aboard one of our two custom-designed and built sailing research vessels.
  3. You do not need sailing experience.
  4. It is made available to all majors, from all over the world.
  5. You will also need a Transferable academic credit from Boston University.


Periods of the Study Program 

The study programs are available in Fall, spring, summer and winter. 

Focus Subject Areas 

The focus subject areas include 

  1. Anthropology 
  2. Biology 
  3. Conservation and preservation 
  4. Earth sciences 
  5. Engineering 
  6. Environmental Sciences 
  7. Field studies 
  8. Geography 
  9. History 
  10. Humanities 

 Degree Level 

  1. High school Diploma 
  2. Bachelors

Official Language 


For more information and inquiries /registration, you can visit its official page at 

SSA: San Juan , Puerto Rico 

This is an international program in an integrated studies program in Spanish. It aims to provide students with an opportunity to boost their education through vast cultural immersion.

However, the program allows students to register for regular classes that are being offered in English and Spanish with other Puerto Rican students. 

Here students are now allowed to choose from the list of different disciplines available. 

Features of the Program 

  1. You do not need a visa or passport as a major criteria 
  2. Lectures are being offered in English and Spanish
  3. There is usually a beginner Spanish offered during the summer term 
  4. It helps explore the rich and diverse culture of Puerto Rico through local excursions and study visit 

Period of the Study Abroad Program 

Summer, spring, an academic year, short term and fall 

Focus Subject Areas 

  1. Business 
  2. Communication 
  3. Conservation and preservation
  4. Cultural studies 
  5. Ecology 
  6. Environmental studies 
  7. Health Sciences 
  8. Hispanic studies 
  9. History 
  10. Humanities 
  11. International Business
  12.  Latin American studies 
  13. Liberal arts 
  14. Life sciences 
  15. Linguistics 
  16. Literature 
  17. Marketing 
  18. Natural sciences 
  19. Pre-med 
  20. Service Learning 
  21. Social sciences 
  22. Social work,
  23. Sociology 

Degree level 

  • Bachelors 

Financial support 

  1. Merit-based
  2. General grants 
  3. Scholarship 

For more information and inquiries/applications, you can visit 

Political and Social Movement Course in Puerto Rico 

This program helps students to experience the political and racial climate of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. It allows you to learn about their different issues and get to be part of the resolution process. 

Period of the Program 

  • Summer 

Focus Subject Areas 

  • African American Studies

Official Language 

  • Spanish 

For more information and inquiries/ registration, you can visit

University of Massachusetts Program 

This is a program hosted by the University of Massachusetts. It is a course that is being handled by the Department of Biology. It aims to give students classroom learning experience in ecology to the basics of Caribbean tropical ecology, conservation biology and evolution. 

Term of the Program 


Focus Subject Areas 

  1. Conservation and preservation
  2. Ecology 

For more information, you can visit the university website at

Other Study Abroad Programs in Puerto Rico include: 

  1. SUNY Geneseo: Environment and Sustainable Development Program 
  2. Study at Oswego State University Program 
  3. Civil Code and Law Enforcement Program 
  4. OCC, culture and civilization 


This article covers the five most outstanding study abroad programs in Puerto Rico. For more information and inquiries, you can drop a comment in the comment box below. 

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