Ways of Making Money with AI Tool
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10+ Ways of Making Money with AI Tool in 2024

Ways of Making Money with AI Tools – We are in a digital era whereby the means of making money have become unlimited. With your smartphones or computer systems, you can make use of different types of AI tools to earn passive income for yourself.

In this article, I will be showing different ways you can earn income using AI so if you are interested in earning more money, through the use of AI tools, then you need to read this article for full details.

Before I start talking about how you can make money using AI tools, let me briefly explain what AI tool means.

Ways of Making Money with AI Tool

About AI Tools

These are software programs that are designed to use artificial intelligence algorithms to perform certain tasks and solve other related problems. AI tools have made writing very simple and easy. 

AI tools can be used in different sectors, such as healthcare, finance, marketing, and education, to automate tasks, analyze data, and improve decision-making.

Today, AI tools have come to make a lot of things that man found difficult, become very easy.

Ways of Making Money with AI Tools in 2024

There are so many ways you can make money through AI tools, however, if you looking for a side hustle that you engage in by using AI tools, here are several ways you can earn some money using AI tools. 

  1. By generating AI-written content
  2. Creating AI-generated art
  3. Creating YouTube videos
  4. Logopony
  5. AI for Building Websites
  6. Creating online courses
  7. Amazon KDP
  8. Etsy printables 

By generating AI-written content

You can use AI generative content programs such as chatGPT to create content very fast. chatGPT can help you create content for blog posts, website copy, sales copy for businesses, sponsored social media posts, and others.

AI tools can help you to get an outline, generate paragraphs, brainstorm ideas, and even write entire pieces of content for you. 

Through content created by AI, you can run a successful blog that will earn you a lot of money. You can use AI tools to create copies of emails and advertisements. AI tools like JASPER are a good example of a tool you can use.

Creating AI-generated arts

Another way of making money and earning income through AI tools is by creating AI-generated art, that you can sell and make money from it.

It is possible to create AI art and even sell it as physical products if you like. For example, you can create t-shirts, wall art, or decorations, and sell them. PromteBase is a site that allows you to create these contents and sell them as well.

Creating YouTube videos

AI also helps you to create great videos that you can use to promote and sell products for money

ChatGPT can help you to generate video ideas and scripts. There is also a feature for a text-to-speech for creating a voiceover for your video. An example of such a tool is; Synthesia, which you can use to generate videos to upload on YouTube.


Logopony is an AI tool that is designed to help you create an attractive, and mind-blowing logo for your brand, or that can be sold for a website, you can also sell these logos to websites that need them, and from there make good money from them.

Logopony is a very simple tool to use, even if you don’t have any idea how to create a logo. 

To design a logo with logo pony, all you need to do is input your brand colors, slogan, name of business, and any icons you’d like to use

Then the tool will generate a plethora of options, which you can choose from.

AI for Building Websites

If you want to build a website that can earn you money, you can use AI tools to design or build a website for a small business concern that can earn you money.

You can build a website for yourself or your clients by using an AI tool such as Wix.com or Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI). this site can be built to sell products or for affiliate marketing.

Creating online courses

If you would like to create online purses, there are AI also that help you to create online courses that you can sell, and make money from it.

ChatGPT can help you brainstorm ideas and topics and develop course materials. You can even create videos, generate a script, and use a text-to-speech tool to record voiceover lessons and create your online course. 

Etsy printables 

This is a platform where you can use AI tools to create printables that you can sell and make money from it. It is a popular marketplace where you can sell printables that you create with AI tools.

Examples of Etsy printables that you can create and sell are planner pages calendars wall art and party decorations.

Some of the AI tools you can use to perform these tasks include Midjourney and ChatGPT to create unique designs and content for your printables. Midjourney can be used to create the cover of a dream journal, while you use ChatGPT to include clever dream-related quotes on the page.


Faceless YouTube channels

AI tools can be used also to create faceless YouTube channels that can bring you so much money. In this particular side hustle, you don’t need your face to be shown, all you need is to use the tool to create your videos and attract traffic to your channel. 

AI tools like Invideos and Synthesia are good AI tools that can help you achieve your faceless YouTube channel side hustle.


What are the names of the AI tools that can be used for side hustle?

The following are examples of some of the AI tools you can use for your side hustle:

  • ChatGTP, 
  • Jasper.ai, 
  • DALL-E, 
  • Stable Diffusion, 
  • Midjourney, 
  • Synthesia, 
  • AdCreative.ai, 
  • And Nova A.I.


In this digital age, there is a plethora of AI tools that you employ to make your side hustle easy and make more income for yourself. You can choose from any of these plethora of opportunities that AI has presented to us. 

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