Useful Tips on How to Answer JAMB Questions
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8 Useful Tips on How to Answer JAMB Questions in the 2024 Exam

How to Answer JAMB Questions in the 2024; The Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) is the body tasked with administering the Universal Tertiary Matriculation Exams (UTME) in Nigeria. 

The UTME is the exam administered to Students who wish to pursue their tertiary education in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions ( be it Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges of Education, or others)

The Candidates often find it a daunting challenge to scale through successfully, particularly in recent years where there has been observed a high failure rate in the Nation as a whole.

This article seeks to address Useful tips on How to Answer JAMB Questions to ensure a high probability of Success and subsequent admission into Choice Departments of Choice Universities

This does not in any way substitute for adequate preparation which is a prerequisite for success in any exams of any nature.

Useful Tips on How to Answer JAMB Questions

Useful Tips on How to Answer JAMB Questions

1. Fill In All Necessary Details

Be sure to enter all required details before commencing your Exams.

This information may be your Registration Number or some other piece of information supplied to you at the point of registration for the exams.

Also, ensure to crosscheck if there are any pieces of information autogenerated by the system. Crosscheck to ensure that all details are correct in lettering, letter casing, punctuation, and other minute details.

This step is very important as inputting wrong details may imply a failed exam or missing result.

2. Read The Instructions Carefully

The importance of this cannot be overemphasized. Reading Instructions between the lines would afford you the opportunity to know exactly what is expected of you during the Exams. 

Often, Candidates skip this process and dive straight into the Exams properly because they assume they know what instructions to anticipate in detail. 

This is wrong because the instructions may be different and failing to heed the Instruction implies an outright failure in the Exams

3. Time Management

Efficient Time Management will give you the upper hand in your Exams.

Since this is a Computer Based Test (CBT) trying to answer the cheapest questions that you are quite sure of first thereby leaving the more difficult ones for the latter part of the exams may not be a very efficient way to go as the questions come up one by one, with the English Language coming first.

Nonetheless, you can choose which subject to first start with depending on your competencies.

Also, try to not get distracted or get into friendly conversations about acclimatization during the exams properly as this will greatly eat into your allocated time even if you may not notice it.

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4. Do Not Overthink

Candidates seem easily drawn into the trap of overthinking, especially when faced with difficult questions. 

This is quite counterproductive as the seconds continue ticking away whilst you ponder deeply on one question.

The solution to this is, to answer the easiest questions first, tackling the more difficult ones at a later stage and making educated guesses for the ones you have little or no idea about.

5. Get Used To The JAMB Shortcut Keys To Boost Your Speed

During the JAMB Exams, answers to questions can be inputted into the system via either of two ways;

Navigating the cursor and clicking the mouse over your preferred answer option, A, B, C, or D and 

Selecting the right answer options on the keyboard, Press letter A for Option A, Letter B for Option B, Letter C for Option C, and Letter D for Option D

However, if you wish to review a previous question, you can press the letter P or the left arrow key on the keyboard.

If you wish to proceed to the next question, you can press the N key of the right arrow key on the keyboard.

Pressing the S key submits your Exam (be sure to have cross-checked your work thoroughly as this also ends your exam)

Pressing the R key returns you to the Exams panel should you have a change of mind after pressing the S key prior to submission.

However, note that once you have successfully submitted, you cannot undo that action.

6. Make Intelligent Guesses When Unsure Of The Correct Answer

Answer all questions expected of you, even those you are unsure of. Do not leave any questions unanswered.

Make intelligent guesses whenever you are unsure of the correct answer.

Making educated guesses ensures you stand a chance even when unsure of the correct answer while the opposite can be said about leaving questions unattended.

Pace Yourself Accordingly When Attempting The Questions

You shall have a total of 180 questions to answer in a time frame of 2 hours (60 questions for Use of English and 40 questions for each of the other 3 Subjects).

This means you have roughly three-fifths of a minute to answer each question. 

Spending more than a minute on a question would be quite counterproductive as you would likely run out of time with a lot of questions still left unanswered. 

This is not a rule of thumb however as you may have to spend more than a minute on some questions, especially time-consuming ones whose answers you are very sure of.

Conversely, for easier questions, you could figure out the correct answers in less than a minute.

7. Ask The Invigilators For Help If There Are Any Technical Mishaps

Since this is a CBT, there may come up a few technical glitches. 

Perhaps the mouse, keyboard, or any other mechanical or equipment failure.

If that is the case, do not try to get around these on your own.

Instead, call the attention of an Invigilator or a member of the Technical Support team to help you out.

The reason for this is, you may end up compounding the problems if you try solving on your own.

In another development, you may also implicate yourself when trying to do things other than writing your Exams in the CBT Hall.

8. Crosscheck Prior To Submission

After completing your exams, be sure to cross-check your work again prior to submission.

Have you left any questions unanswered?

Has any new idea just crossed your mind on how to answer some questions?

Did you figure out the correct answers to some questions later on?

Cross-checking your work puts those right before your eyes and gives you the opportunity to correct your mistakes before submission.


Above listed are some Useful Tips on How to Answer JAMB Questions to ensure good success

However, the tips listed above do not in any way stand as a replacement of adequate studies and preparation for the Exams as this is also a key step in your much-needed triumph over the UTME 

John is the CREATIVE LEAD at Legit School Info is a team of Resource academicians and Consultants led by John Akpan. However, If you need personal assistance on this topic, kindly contact us.

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