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UBC Admission Requirement

UBC Admission requirement – Are you an international student or are you a home or local student and do you intend or wish to study at the University of British Columbia?

Are you a parent or guardian seeking to apply admission for to your ward at the University of British Columbia? Then this article is for you.

This university is a British Columbia university with the motto” It’s up to you, it’s yours”. The university is approximately one hundred and twenty years.

It is one of the most-rated universities in Canada. It offers admission to postgraduate and undergraduate students.

UBC Admission requirement
UBC Admission requirement

The university has about a 52.4 % acceptance rate. Also, it accepts applications from international and foreign students.

In this article, we will be talking about the UBC admission requirements. The academic documents, and eligibility requirements, are all embedded in the admission requirements.

UBC admission requirements

The admission requirement for students in this university varies depending on the program or course of the student. It also varies depending on your entry level. Either as a direct entry student or as a transfer student etc.

The different admission-level requirements we will be discussing include

  1. Canadian high school students
  2. International high school students
  3. University and college transfer students
  4. Advanced placement students
  5. International baccalaureate students
  6. Mature students
  7. English language competency.

Canadian High School Students

This requirement varies depending on the campus, territory, and the degree you wish to study. Different degrees have different requirements and methods of application

The general admission requirements include

  1. High school graduate
  2. A minimum of 70% in grade eleven or twelve English or its equivalents
  3. Another minimum of six (6) academic and nonacademic grade twelve (12) courses (it is recommended but not a necessary requirement).

For more information on this please log on to the official webpage of Canadian high school students at https://you.ubc.ca/applying-ubc/requirements/canadian-high-schools/

International high school students

This requirement varies depending on the campus, territory, and the degree you wish to study. Different degrees have different requirements and methods of application

The general admission requirement include

  1. Graduates from a university degree program in a senior secondary school
  2. English language competency

For more information as regards degree-specific requirements, campus requirements, etc. please log on to the international high school student UBC website at https://you.ubc.ca/applying-ubc/requirements/international-high-schools/#basic

University and College Transfer Students

This requirement varies depending on the campus, territory, and the degree you wish to study. Different degrees have different requirements and methods of application

Post-secondary students that are attending the institution are to meet the following requirements

  1. One  of the requirements is for them to have twenty-four transferable credits, and it has to be completed by May with at least a C average (50 passing grade) or a grade point of 2.0
  2. Be on good terms with the previous institution
  3. Candidates that are in the second year are to submit thirty(30) credits and also meet all promotional requirements for the advancement to that year
  4. Applicants in their third year are requested to present fifty-four and sixty (50-6-) credits to satisfy their promotional requirements for advancement. You need to note that most programs or courses do not accept students this year
  5. For courses or programs that have special requirements from applicants. The UBC requires you to make provisions for these requirements before the 30th of April. (It is important and advisable to complete the application on them so as to be processed on time and avoid delays).
  6. Constant academic performance, perseverance, increasing rigor, etc. will also determine your admission status.

For degree-specific requirements and campus degree-specific requirements, you can log on to the UBC official website at https://you.ubc.ca/applying-ubc/requirements/university-college-transfer/

Advanced placement students

All AP courses are eligible for admission but the grade conversion is as follows;

  1. 5 96%
  2. 4 86%
  3. 3 80%
  4. 2 70%

Diploma program, seminar and research certificate, and seminar and research courses in advanced placement are not eligible for UBC transfer credit. But may be considered.

For persons on advanced placement with first-year credit and who have achieved 4 or more on the advanced placement examination, you will be granted the first-year university credit.

For more information and inquiries on the advanced placement requirement of the University of British Columbia, you can log on to the official website at https://you.ubc.ca/applying-ubc/requirements/advanced-placement/

International baccalaureate students

This requirement varies depending on the campus, territory, and the degree you wish to study. Different degrees have different requirements and methods of application

The general requirement include

International Baccalaureate program

  1. A completed IB diploma with a minimum of three higher-level courses


IB certificate programs/courses requirements

  1. Standard and higher level IB courses can be used in the admission average for a person graduating from a high school curriculum from a recognized university. This can be used to consider your basis of admission.
  2. Math applications in this field and interpretations SL, or math studies do not meet up the mathematics requirement for admission in the UBC science-based programs faculty of management, Sauder School of Business, School of Economics in Vancouver

For other requirements like degree-specific requirements, English language requirements, IB certificate courses., and first-year credit requirements you can visit the school’s official website for the IB students at https://you.ubc.ca/applying-ubc/requirements/international-baccalaureate/

Mature Students

The major o general requirement for mature students include

  1. You must be an applicant that has been out of full-time education for a period of four (4) years.
  2. You can only apply to specific degrees on both campuses which include
  3. Okanagan
  4. Media studies,
  5. Management,
  • Arts,
  1. Nursing,
  2. Fine arts,
  3. Health and exercise sciences,
  • science courses are only available for persons who have not taken any math or science courses for the past four (4) years. And you are recommended to get a refresher course before applying for his courses.
  1. Vancouver
  2. Urban and forestry,
  3. Kinesiology,
  • Forest sciences
  1. Applied biology
  2. Music,
  3. Natural resources conversion,
  • Fine arts like creative writing, acting, film production, visual arts, theater arts, etc.
  • Forest resources management
  1. Forest bio-economy
  2. Media studies etc.

For more information as regards the application procedure, and the degree requirements you can log on to the official UBC webpage at https://you.ubc.ca/applying-ubc/requirements/mature-students/

English language competency

To meet up the English language admission requirements you need to fill in the following requirements

  1. Complete at least four(4) years of full-time education in a recognized institution before attending the UBC
  2. Completed a minimum of four (4) years of full-time education in English n another country where English s the major language before attending the UBC
  3. Must meet a final grade of 4 or more than that in an advanced replacement English language and composition or advanced placement literature or composition or get a final year grade of 5 or more in an IB English A(in higher level or standard level).

For more information on this and submitting your ELAS documentation, Test that satisfies the UBC English language admission standard and the international curricula that satisfy the English language admission standard, and the ELAS waiver request process you can log on to the official English language competency site on the UBC platform at https://you.ubc.ca/applying-ubc/requirements/english-language-competency/


This article gives you a descriptive description of the various students of UBC and the general requirements, and methods of application. The application link and other important information.

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