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Peace Mass Transit Price List, Routes, Terminal Locations (2024 Latest Update)

Peace Mass Transit Price List, Routes, Terminal Locations –  Do you want to travel to the south, north, west, or eastern part of Nigeria as a businessman or woman, a worker, nurse, doctor, lawyer, engineer, or contractor? Do you want to travel to and from cities to cities for your business or job, and do you want a reliable transportation company to travel with? 

All that you need is Peace Mass Transport Company (PMT) With Peace Mass Transit, you are sure of the comfort that you seek in your journey. This is because she has well-trained and disciplined drivers who do not take laws into their own hands but consider their lives and property their top priority. That is why they drive without speeding, which would have resulted in an accident.

In case you don’t know, they have both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned coastal buses at very cheap prices. So if you are planning to travel, travel with only  Peace Mass Transport Company. Travelling is an essential part of our lives as human beings, and you cannot do without it, so the right means of transport/transportation company you choose for your journey matters a lot. However, in this article today we are going to discuss  one of the most outstanding transport companies in 

In this article, we will look at the price list, available routes, terminal locations, how you can make reservations for yourself or your family, and finally, we will list out all the contact phone numbers of the  Peace Mass Transport Compa Company (PMT), that you can call whenever you have need or challenges on your travel. So read this article with a focus on the end.

Peace Mass Transit 2023 Price list, available routes, terminal locations, how to book, and contact information

About  Peace Mass Transport Company (PMT)

Peace Mass Transport Company (PMT) is a privately owned transportation company that has been in operation for quite a long period of years. It is the offspring transit company of Peace Group established by a successful businessman man from Nsukka, Chief Sam Maduka Onyishi in June 1996. Today, the company has grown with a staff strength of about 2,500, with several terminals across 19 states out of the 36 states of the federation.

Because of its quality of services, it has become one of the most popular and convenient transport companies for a lot of travellers in Nigeria. And it has continued to gain more and more passengers as the day goes by.

Since the time it came into the business in full, the company has experienced tremendous transformation and advancement that has taken the company from its place of little beginning to a place of recognition and glory, with so many transport terminals all over the country.

What makes PMT unique in their service is that it just doesn’t stop at the movement of passengers but also the movement of goods and commodities from one destination to another. That means they also operate courier services/logistics, at affordable prices 

A quick one! Do you know also that PMT offers cheap and affordable transportation services for the NYSC (Corp Members) from their different institutions to their deployment camps? Yes, they do, and this is a lot of help to our young youth, who are preparing to move to any part of the country for their youth service. Choose PMT, and choose a safe and convenient trip.

The aforementioned improvement in the company has made it one of its kind and helped the company to become one transportation company that people can rely on for their travel any day any time. Now, you can travel from any part of the country in Nigeria with PMT.So begin your journey today with PMT and feel the difference. Your testimony awaits you. Now that you know about the nature and operation of PMT, let us now look at the company’s transportation price list.

Peace Mass Transit (PMT) Terminal/Routes And Price List 

Afikpo Terminal:  
Afikpo – Enugu 1,350
Afikpo – Abuja 6,550
Afikpo – Abakaliki 950
Afikpo – Aba 1,550
Afikpo – Port Harcourt 2,050
Ajah Terminal:  
Ajah – Port Harcourt 7,750
Ajah – Enugu 7,750
Ajah – Owerri 6,750
Ajah – Onitsha 7,750
Ajegunle Terminal:  
Ajegunle – Enugu 6,750
Ajegunle – Umuahia 6,750
Ajegunle – Abakaliki 6,750
Ajegunle – Aba 6,750
Aba Terminal:  
Aba – Nnewi 1,350
Aba – Ibadan 5,750
Aba – Enugu 1,550
Aba – Calabar 2,150
Aba – Yenegoa 1,650
Aba – Onitsha 1,450
Aba to Abuja 6,450
Ejigbo Terminal:  
Ejigbo – Enugu 6,750
Ejigbo – Obollo Afor 6,750
Ejigbo – Onitsha 5,750
Gwagalada Terminal:  
Gwagalada – Lagos 8,250
Gwagalada – Aba 7,750
Gwagalada – Onitsha 5,950
Gwagalada – Enugu 5,450
Gwagalada – Nsukka 5,050
Ibadan Terminal:  
Ibadan – Onitsha 8,550
Ibadan – Aba 9,550
Ibadan – Abuja 11,250
Ikorodu Terminal:  
Ikorodu – Port Harcourt 7,250
Ikorodu – Abuja 7,750
Jibowu Terminal:  
Jibowu – Enugu 8,250
Jibowu – Abuja 10,250
Jibowu – Aba 8,750
Jibowu – Kaduna 11,250
Maraba Terminal:  
Maraba – Lagos 8,750
Maraba – Enugu 5,950
Maraba – Nsukka 4,950
Maraba – Jos ?2,550
Ojuelegba Terminal:  
Ojuelegba – Owerri 7,050
Ojuelegba – Kaduna 10,750
Ojuelegba – Uyo 8,750
Yenegoa Terminal:  
Yenegoa – Lagos N5,150
Yenegoa – Benin N1,550


Peace Mass Transit (PMT) Nationwide Terminal Locations And Contacts

Aba Terminal

Contact Address: 13, Asa Road, Aba, Abia State  = 08055091828

Abakaliki Terminal

Contact Adress: 25A, Afikpo Road Abakaliki, Ebonyi State = 08055091816

Abakpa Terminal

Contact Adress: Liberty Junction, By Ogwuago/Obinagu Road, Abakapa, Enugu State = 08056697088

Afikpo Terminal

Contact Adress: 7, Ngodo Road, Amangbalia, Afikpo North, Ebonyi State = 07055792617

LAGOS Terminals

Contact Adress: Ajah TerminalAjiwe, Opp. Micheal and Solomon House, Ajah, Lagos State = 07055792630

Contact Address: Ajegunle Terminal6, Achakpo Street, Off Mba Street, Ajegunle, Lagos State = 08056697070

Jibowu Terminal7, Ikorodu Road, By Traffic Light, Opposite Chisco Motors, Jibowu, Lagos State = 08056697003

Ondo Terminal

Contact Address: Akure TerminalIfe-Ibadan Expressway, Along Ife Road, Opp. Swan Hotel, Akure, Ondo State = 08056697069

Asaba Terminal

Contact Adress: Asaba = 08055091810


Contact Adress: By last Bus stop, Keffi Road = 08055091822


Contact address:  Sahakari Road, Opposite Market = 08056697034


Contact address: Opposite Brifina Hotel, Gwagwalada, Abuja = 08055091833

Benin Terminal

Contact Adress: 117, Akpakpava Road, By 2nd Junction, Benin City, Edo State = 08056697034

Bwari Terminal 

Contact Address: 9, Shagari Road, Opposite Market, Bwari, Abuja = 08056697034

Calabar Terminal

Contact address: 56, Bedwell Street, Behind WATT Market, Calabar, Cross River = 08055091834

Demorose Terminal

Contact address: 106, Old Ojo Road, Near Agboju Market, Church Bus Stop, Lagos State = 08056697004

Ejigbo Terminal

Contact Address: Ilepo Bus-Stop, Ejigbo, Lagos State = 08056697005

ENUGU terminal

Contact address: Enugu = 08012345678

ENUGU Terminal

Contact Address: GARKI Opposite Garki Market, Enugu = 07055794026

Ojota Terminal

Contact Address: Flyover Bridge, Ketu Road, Beside Biode Garage, Ojota, Lagos State = 08150461820

Ojuelegba Terminal

Contact Address: 9/10 Western Avenue, Ojuelegba Roundabout, Opp. Abalti Barracks, Lagos State = 08055091827

Oshodi Terminal

Contact address: Charity Bustop, Opp. Army Resettlement Centre, Lagos State = 08056697095

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Orile Iganmu Terminal

Contact address: 10, Badagry Expressway, By Church Bustop, Orile Iganmu, Lagos State = 08055091826

Enugu Terminal

Contact Address: 1, Christ Chemist Roundabout, Enugu State = 08055091825

Ibadan Terminal

Contact Address: Samonda Old Airport, UI, Sango Road, Ibadan = 08055091851

Ibafo Terminal

Contact Adress: Near Ibafo, Police Station, Opposite Internal Revenue, Ibafo, Ogun State = 08056697049

Ikorodu Terminal

Contact address: 9, Sagamu Road, Ikorodu, Lagos State = 08056697002

Port Harcourt Terminal

Contact Adress: Opposite Bori Camp, Rumuola, Port Harcourt = 08055091822

Jos Terminal

Contact Adress: Terminus Market, Jos = 08055091842 

Kaduna Terminal

Contact Address: Plot 1416, By Command Junction, Along Nnamdi Azikwe Expressway, Kaduna State = 07055792632

Nyanya Terminal

Contact Adress: Nyanya, Abuja = 08056697087

Maza-maza Terminal

Contact Adress: Maza-maza = 07055792627

Nnewi Terminal

Contact Address: 4/5 Owerri Road, By Nwafor Orizu Roundabout, Anambra State = 08056697009

Nsukka Terminal

64, Enugu Road, Nsukka, Enugu State = 08055091817

Minna Terminal

Contact Address: David Mark Road, Opp. INEC Office, Niger State = 08056697027

Onitsha Terminal

Contact Adress: 103, Oguta Road, Upper Iweka, Onitsha, Anambra State = 08055091818

Warri Terminal

Contact Address: 118 Warri – Sapele Road, Off Airport Junction, By Orokodudu Junction, Delta State = 08056697041

Yenegoa Terminal

Contact Adress: 783, Okutukutu, Mbaiama, Yenegoa, Bayelsa State = 08055091855

How To Book Your Travel With PMT

If for any reason, you want to book or make reservations for your travel or your family you can book online if you can’t go to the office in person. Therefore, you can call these numbers 07007322362, and 08055091886, or you can send an SMS to 07034157751. But for online bookings visit


If you have any questions about the Peace Mass Transit price list, terminal locations, phone numbers/emails, and PMT general booking guide, kindly use the comment section below and the LSI team will respond to you.

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