Latest Ankara Styles for Gowns, Skirts, Jumpsuits, and more
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Latest Ankara Styles for Gowns, Skirts, Jumpsuits, and more

Latest Ankara Styles… Are you an Ankara fan or lover, and want to remain relevant and current in the Ankara fashion world? You are welcome! To remain fashionable, you must keep abreast of the latest and trending Ankara style wears. Ankara wears can be worn for regular, formal, and special occasions, such as “asoebi”. In Nigeria, Asoebi is a popular word that means “clothes worn by the family”. Meaning clothes worn mainly by family members, relatives, and close friends, who dress usually in similar attire for specially marked-out occasions such as birthdays and weddings, etc.

Popularly known as African wax print. These fabrics have been used to produce accessories like shoes, jackets, hats, trousers, shorts earrings, necklaces, bags, scarves, etc. Before now it was mostly seen as women’s clothes, but while we speak, it has found its way into the heart of everybody, both men and women.

What then is Ankara?

The term Ankara is used to refer to local or native wear made from designed African fabrics, especially cotton. It is very beautiful clothes that are mostly associated with Africa because of their African pattern, and nature. Ankara”African Wax Print”, “Holland Wax”, and “Dutch Wax”. Ankara fabric has been in existence as far back as the 19th Century.  But it has only become popular lately.

Which of the Ankara fabrics do you know? This article will help you to discover some of the fashionable ones.

Types of Ankara styles and uses

  1. Ankara as a means of communication
  2. Ankara as a form of Identity
  3. Ankara for Spercial Occasions
  4. Ankara is named after personalities and Others

Ankara as a means of Communication

Most African Ankara fabrics serve as a means of communication, it can be either the history or culture of the people. It uses images and pictures to tell stories, and pass important messages to the people and society at large through non-verbal communication. For instance, the choice of images, pictures, colors, threads, dyes, and symbols on the body of the clothes all depict the history, time, events, and culture of the African people, which natives can always understand.


Ankara as a form of Identity

Ankara fabric is also means of identity for Africans. It tells the world who you are, and makes you feel African. It is a part of us we cannot deny. Besides being a form of clothing, it is means of expression of our peculiar identity as Africans. This identity is not borrowed, learned, or copied.


Ankara for Special Occasions

Before now most of the Ankara wears were used by selected people like chiefs, kings, Ezes, Monarchs, and traditional leaders of African societies for special occasions. Today, it has got to virtually everybody’s homes and is still used for special occasions like festivals, weddings, funerals, social gatherings, and political groups’ concerns and solidarity.




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Ankara is named after Personalities, and Others

It will interest you to know that some Ankara wears are named after prominent individuals, personalities in our society, cities, buildings, and occasions as the case may be. Most times the Ankara fabrics are produced based on colors, threads, and designs that fit with occasions, personalities that own them, and the local or native preferences of the customers.




Latest Ankara Styles for Gowns, Skirts, Jumpsuits, and more

I am sure it is going to make a sure win for you by the time you are done scrolling through this list below. That cocktail party you attend will make a difference with a good and marvelous Ankara touch. You can now take a cursory look at these trendy Ankara styles that you can rock with.

  1. Ankara  blouses
  2. Ankara skirts
  3. Ankara jumpsuits
  4. Dashiki and jeans
  5. Ankara gowns
  6. Ankara shirt with Sokoto
  7. Dashiki suits with a touch of Ankara

Current/Trending Ankara Skirts, Blouses, and Jumpsuits

Check out the latest and trending Ankara skirts, blouses, and jumpsuits of different styles that will make look stunning for any of your occasions this year. Is it a mermaid skirt, pencil, bell skirt, or high or low skirt you want? You can also consider blouses like Burberry, Corset, Peplum, and V shape.




Ankara Jumpsuits

Ankara jumpsuits are suits that are light and beautifully made but are more casual and comfortable to the body than the normal suit.





Ankara Gowns

Ankara gowns are great and beautiful dresses that are good for all kinds of occasions, whether burial or weddings. Check it out below:






Dashiki and Jeans

Dashiki long sleeve shirts, jeans, and khaki are wonderful Ankara dresses for men of valor. It’s a perfect match with basically all kinds of shoes that include canvas, Oxford, Boots, chukkas, and Debby shoes. check out some trendy ones below:







Ankara shirts with Sokoto
you can get fine and well-designed Ankara shirts that will give you a good match with Sokoto for your ceremonies. Sokoto in Nigerian is used as a term to refer to a pair of ankle-length trousers. They always look awesome blending so well with a one-shoulder Ankara jumpsuit when put on.

Dashiki Suits with a Touch of Ankara

Dashiki has become one of the Akara materials that are now trending among Ankara lovers. about the year 1970s,  most African Americans started wearing Dashiki as an express means of rebellion against the traditional fashions, racism, superiority, and western cultural lifestyles. This was done as a way of seeking freedom, and because Dashiki represents freedom. The Black Dashiki suit is still trending even today. You would love it if you take a careful look at them right here:







Having taken time to go through this post, I hope, you have been able to get something very interesting.  you to drop has to experience new and fantastic looks from the latest collections that you will soon get to adorn you and your family with different Ankara styles that will keep you stunning throughout this season.
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