Do I Need a Visa before travelling to South Africa from Nigeria?
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Do I Need a Visa before traveling to South Africa from Nigeria?

Do I Need a Visa before traveling to South Africa from Nigeria? Are you intending to travel out of Nigeran to South Africa? want to know the basic requirements? or do you wish to know if you need a Visa? do you need to know the requirements for obtaining a Visa? or just the steps or guide to obtaining or applying for a visa?

While here, we will answer the big question “Do I need a visa before traveling to South Africa from Nigeria”?. Also, we will be talking about how to apply for a South African visa as a Nigerian. we will also list the requirements for getting a visa. why you need a visa and the amount involved.

Do I Need a Visa before travelling to South Africa from Nigeria?
Do I Need a Visa before traveling to South Africa from Nigeria?

What is a Visa?

A visa is a legal or official document that is being tendered to a visit of (one who is not a citizen or permanent resident of a country)

A visa can also be known as a visitor’s international stay admission card. it is a legal document that permits or allows the bearer to officially or legally enter a foreign country. this document is usually stamped and glued with the owner’s passport. it serves as the bearer’s means of identification in the foreign country.

There are several types of visa and it is usually dependent on the purpose of the bearer’s visit.

Nonetheless, the South African Visa is a legal document that is issued by the South African Embassy or consulate. It is a legal document that permits visitors into the country. this visa is either A consular visa or an e-visa.

South African E visa

This is a visa for Nigerian nationals. It is also being managed and administered by the South African Department of Home Affairs. the aim is to help fasten and also develop the visa application process for Nigerian visitors into the country.

This visa allows visitors to enter the country for short-term trips ( business trips or tourism)  instead of obtaining a visa from the embassy.

This visa can be obtained from any internet-enabled computer.

Do I Need a Visa before traveling to South Africa from Nigeria?

Yes, you need a visa. although you do not need a consular visa, you can get an e-visa. this visa can be obtained from the comfort of your home once you have the right equipment and documents.

The E visa allows for a single entry and multiple entries depending on your duration of stay and the requirements of the traveller or visitor.

How can I Obtain an e-visa

this visa can be obtained online from the comfort of your home. All you need do is to fill out the form online and submit it with the relevant documents. the process takes a few minutes

What is included in the E visa for Nigerians to South Africa 

The following is included in the E visa i

  1. Personal information
  2. Passport information
  3.  Full Details of their planned trip to South Africa
  4. Answers to a health and security-related question
  5. Supporting documents

Documents that are required for the E visa application for Nigerians 

The following are the documents that are required to apply for an E visa to  travel from Nigeria  to South Africa

As a Nigeria, you must have

  1. A Nigerian passport
  2. A valid email address
  3. An active  debit or credit card

A Nigerian passport 

this is your traveling passport which should be valid for at least six months from the date you arrive arriving South Africa

A valid Email address 

This is to notify you of important messages or codes or also get complaints or reports from you.

An active debit or credit card 

This is used to pay the visa processing fees. also, you will need to provide proof of sufficient funds. this will help the country to know that you can cover your expenses during your visit or stay in South Africa.

Also, you need a confirmation of return onward ticker and a yellow fever certificate. the yellow fever certificate is specifically for persons who have travelled through the yellow fever belt of Africa, South Africa or are on the way to South Africa.

How to apply for the SA E visa 

There are just three major steps to apply for the South Africa E visa and they include:

  1. With the use of an active internet connection click the link
  2. Create your profile with your personal information ( full name, surname, passport number, country of issue, country of residence, passport issue date, passport expiry date, confirmation of two unused pages in the passport, email address, confirmation of an email address, passport creation, created password confirmation
  3. Complete the online application Form.
  4. Once you have confirmed the information provided to be accurate and the pictures are uploaded in accurate format make payment online
  5. Confirm the payment you have made is received and a receipt issued.
  6. You will receive your Approved Visa within minutes of verification.

How do you get your Approved Visa?

Immediately your E visa is approved, it is electronically linked to your passport. That is the same passport that you used to register your online application form.

Nigerian citizens with a South African E visa are only allowed to enter South Africa through  Lanseria or Ortica Airport. This is to get verification by the border control offices and confirmation of E visa through scanning the visitor’s passport.

It is important to note that if by the time you arrive your visa dates or travel dates were changed, you will have to apply for a new e-visa.

 What happens if as a Nigerian citizen, I wish to live in South Africa?

As Nigerian citizens, if you want to live in South Africa, you need to obtain a residence permit to live in South Africa. Also, you must get the needed visa to enter the country.


This is a brief explanation and reply to the question if you need a visa before traveling to South Africa as a Nigerian citizen. Also, it involves the requirements for applying for the South African e-visa, the documents needed, and the application process.

For more information and inquiries you can visit their official website at also, you can drop a comment in the comment box below.

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