NNPC/Chevron JV Scholarship – How to apply For Chevron Scholarship 2023
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NNPC/Chevron JV Scholarship – How to apply For Chevron Scholarship 2024

NNPC/Chevron JV Scholarship – How to apply For Chevron Scholarship – Chevron Nigeria Limited is working hand in hand with NNPC (Nigeria National Petroleum Company Limited) to offer university Scholarship Awards to candidates who are qualified and for all states and federal High Institutions.

In this blog, we have stated the requirements for the NNPC/Chevron JV Scholarship, the eligibilities, the application process, etc.

NNPC/Chevron JV Scholarship – How to apply For Chevron Scholarship 2023
NNPC/Chevron JV Scholarship – How to apply For Chevron Scholarship 2023

What are the Requirements  for the Chevron scholarship

The following requirement is needed from candidates for the Chevron Scholarship;

  • One of the requirements is to be in your 200 level (Full Year).
  • The list of courses for the scholarship must be what you are applying for.
  • When making the application, indicate what year you are applying for, for example, the 2024/2025 Academic session.

Here are the courses for the scholarship

What are the Eligibility Criteria?

Here are the criteria for the NNPC/Chevron Scholarship:

  • As an aspirant, you must have a minimum CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) of 3.5 in the 5.0 grade system, or equivalent to it.
  • A minimum of 6 credit passes from your O’level result.


For the Blind/Visually Impaired Candidate

The NNPC/Chevron Joint venture has also extended this scholarship to the blind/visually impaired student.  Those in their second year of academic session can also apply for it as they were eligible for the scholarship.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for the Blind/Visually Impaired Applicant?

  • Aspirants must have a CGPA of 2.5 in their 5.0-grade system or an equivalent to it.
  • In their level result, a minimum of Five cr5edit passes.

Qualification Process

Candidates who are interested in applying for the scholarship should go to the website and click on where the see “How To Apply” tab in the Oder to proceed.

Deadline: Note that there is no closing date for the Chevron Nigeria Limited scholarship.

How to Apply for the NNPC/Chevron JV Scholarship.

Remember when making the application, you will have to indicate which year you are applying for, and you must be from your 200 level.

Follow the steps below to make applications:

Click on the scholarship https://candidate.scholastica.ng/schemes/2023CNLawards 

  • When you have keyed into the scholarship site, click on the ‘Apply Now tab
  • Next, click on the “Register Now” tab, that is where you will create an account.
  • You will be directed to your email box to activate your account. 
  • When that is done, click on the link again, then enter your registered email and password so you can upload your information.
  • Your personal information will be required, like your National Identification Number, and Educational Information, then some documents which you need to scan, you will be required to upload them.
  • The documents which were scanned will be needed, please be very sure that the name you apply with has the same name in all your documents.
  • Also when after uploading your scanned document, review them again, to ensure there are no errors.
  • For the passport photograph, when required, please ensure to upload the one with a white background.
  • When all of that is done, review and recheck the information you have provided.
  • Go to the “Active Scholarship” tab and click on it, then click on the scheme you are applying for then click on ‘Apply Now’, then your information will be submitted.
  • A notification will be displayed on your screen indicating the application was successful. To make a confirmation about the application, click on the “My Application” tab which is under your profile account, then click on “My Account session”.
  • Afterward, return to www.scholastica.ng and key in your Email and Password, it will take you to your profile, and proceed to have your head of Department’s signature on your document.
  • When that is done, scan the signature and upload it to your profile as your verification.
  • Your NIN (National Identification Number) may be needed, if you do not know how to get it, here is how to attain it.
        • Visit the website: http://ninenrol.gov.ng 
        • Click on “Create account”, then fill in the requirements
        • and complete the form by logging in to your Email and password.
        • When that is done, make time to take a photo and fingerprint capture.
        • You can visit any of the 37 capture centers, https://nimc.gov.ng/?q=nin-registration-centres to make a completion for your NIN and obtain it.
        • You can also make the registration in the NIMC office if you do not know how to make the registration.
  • When all of that is done, return to the www.scholastica.ng and update your NIN( Nationa Identification Number), to make a compilation of the registration.
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