How to verify a car plate number in Nigeria
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How to Check the Original Car Plate Number in Nigeria

How to check the original car plate number in Nigeria
How to check the original car plate number in Nigeria

In Nigeria it is an offense to drive on the road without a plate number, anyone who is seen driving without a plate number could be arrested.

One thing is to get a plate number, another thing is if the plate number is original. Some of us are unaware of the plate number we use if they are original or fake.

In some cases where robbery is involved, we can’t tell by just looking at the vehicle, the only way we could tell if the plate number is real is by making our findings through the plate number.

That is why it is very necessary to get a plate number as soon as you get a vehicle, in case of anything you would be on the safe side. 

In this article, we will be talking about different ways to check for an original plate number or a fake plate number.

So if you have no idea how you can check if the plate number you’re using is fake or original, follow this article, while we will explain them to you.

There are various ways to check your plate number, we will list those different processes in this article.

Here are the different ways to check the original plate number:

  • Plate number could be checked through the Online
  • It could be checked through SMS
  • You can as well check through FRSC Agency App
  • Visit the Federal Road Safety Corps.

Let’s get to know how these processes are done one after the other. 

Plate Number could be checked through the Online

Checking the Original Plate Number online can be done in this format, you will have to visit the website of the FRSC which is

With this link, you can check if the Plate Number is Fake or Original. This link is the National Vehicle Identification System., and it is very effective.

When you have visited the official website, you will see where the “Verify number plate” is, and you tap on it. 

You will be asked to key in your plate number, afterwards, you will have to submit it.

For Example, if your plate number is KSF-622AE, you type it in the space provided and then click on submit.

NOTE: If the plate number is original, it will display information about the car. If the plate number is fake, it may show something like “null”.

It could be checked through SMS

Another way to check for the original car plate number is through SMS. If you do not have a smartphone to check online, you can check through SMS.

What you do is you go to the sms app, type “VerifyPlateNo” then type the plate number KSF-622AE, then submit to this number 33324.

Let me show you an example of what we mean here: “VerrifyPlateNo KSF-622AE” send to 33324. 

When you send the message, you will receive a message if the plate number is real or if the plate number is fake.

This type of checking is less stressful, and a bit fast in the way. You will receive an SMS immediately after following that format.

If you do not receive any message, do not panic, you will surely get it. The network may only delay it, but a message will be sent to you afterward. 


You can as well check through FRSC Agency App

One other way to check if the plate number is original or fake is to check through the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC).

What you will do first is download the App, that is Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) App to your phone

After downloading, you install it, then open it, and you will see where you need to type in your plate number, after you must type your plate number, click on the “verify” button.

After clicking on the verify button, you will wait for the app to show you the information you need, that is if the plate is original or fake.

NOTE: Those using Android phones can download the Federal Road Safety Corp App through Google Play Store,  While those using iPhones can use the App Store to download it.

Visit the Federal Road Safety Corps 

Visiting the nearest Federal Road Safety Corps office is another way to check if the plate number is original.

There in the Federal Road safety corp’s office, every information you may need for any plate number could be found there in the office.

If you want to check the plate number to be sure because of a theft or robbery case, you will have to pass through the police station.

Meeting the police is very official, you will have to report to the police everything information you know, and from there, the police will give you a free pass to go check in at the Federal Road Safety Corps.

The police free pass is the police report, from the police report, the Federal Road Safety Corps member can check for the plate number information you may be looking for.

Not all the information you are looking for will show except for the name of the car and the date the car plate was registered.

For those who got their plate number or who registered this plate number in Lagos

it is advisable to go check if the plate number is original.

A Lot of people in Lagos fall victim to getting a fake plate number or stolen property. To be on the safe side, you visit the Lagos Vehicle Administration Agency.

Visiting the site, you can check for whatever information you may want to know. Here is the Lagos Vehicle Administration website you can use to get the information you need.

Click on the link, when you’ve visited the site, the plate number will be requested, input the plate number in the space provided there.

After keying in your plate number, you tap on the search bar and wait for it to load, after loading, the result will be out.

The interesting thing about this App is that it will go a long way in giving information such as the model of the car, the chassis number, the status of the vehicle, and even the car color. 


The car plate number is an Important Identification for everyone who owns a vehicle. So when you get a vehicle, do well to get your car plate number. for those who have it already, check and be sure it is Riginal or fake.




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