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Top 15+ Online Esthetician Schools and Courses Offered (2024 Update)

Today, we are going to look at the top fifteen (15) best Esthetician schools that offer online courses in the said field of specialty. 

An Esthetician is a beauty specialist that focuses on skincare. They provide salon and spa services for facials, body wraps, and make-up treatments. scrubs, waxing, skin polishing, and hair removal. 

With the online schools for Esthetician, interested persons who always wish to pursue a career in esthetic studies can easily apply for admission into any of the schools offering the course, get enrolled, attend classes, and got certified as an Esthetician right from the comfort of any way they choose to be.

Esthetician courses are of great benefit to students especially when it comes to developing the skills that are necessary for future career success, and enrolling in esthetician schools online gives you the leverage to advance your education without much stress.

To realize your career goals, in this article, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the Esthetician profession and Schools that are offering the course online.

15 Esthetician Schools Online 2023: Courses, Schools & Certification

Who Is an Esthetician?

An esthetician specializes in the enhancement of one’s skin’s appearance. They must assess the health of a client’s skin, and from there they can determine what treatment to use so it will enhance their appearance, when they can determine what treatment to use,  then they give those treatments.

Here are examples of treatments that may be used.

  • Facials
  • Hair removal
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Chemical peels

NOTE: Estheticians cannot diagnose nor do they treat skin illnesses or problems. Instead, their work is on skincare that is about health and beauty as a whole.

However, their superior expertise enables them to recognize whatever skin conditions that may require the care of a dermatologist, a Dermatologist is a physician who specializes in skin. 

How long do Esthetician Classes take online?

The online esthetician classes are dependent on various states, and the number of hours of training required that is required in your state. 

An average class is expected to spend close to 600 hours, which is like six months of classes. Although some states require up to 7 to 8 months of training.

What are the duties of an Esthetician?

An Esthetician offers a wide range of services, and they have various duties to perform when it comes to beauty

  • Hair removal
  • Laser therapy
  • Microdermabrasion
  • body wraps
  • Makeup applications 
  • simple facials
  • Peels 

Estheticians are expected to be very Skilled, and competent in their work.

Here is what is expected of them:

  • Facial extraction to remove blackheads.
  • They are expected  to remove hair by waxing, threading, Making use of chemicals
  • Provide quality facial treatments for skincare issues
  • Advise their clients about what treatment about treatment,  and suggest treatments that are best for their needs
  • They are good at performing face massage  and scalp massages for therapeutic or relaxed purposes
  • Apply make-up and make-up applications for special events, which we call it Make up effect.

What are Esthetician Courses?

Esthetician program courses may differ from other courses, In that case, here is a list of some topics you should expect in your esthetician program:

Top 15+ Online Esthetician Schools

Below are the lists of the 15 best schools that offer esthetician certification online:

1. Westside Tech

Westside Tech is one of the Esthetician schools online. Click on the school website to register for the school.

2. Paul Mitchell Schools

Apart from Esrhetician, they offer another course for students online. Here is the school’s website

3. West Tennessee Business College

West Tennessee Business College is one of the institutions that offer estheticians studies online and they train skilled people who specialize in that. Here is the school’s website

4. Universal Career School

This Esthetician school offers all the programs that have to do with skincare including barbing. Here is the school website, for more information, kindly click on

5. Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics

The school offers all the skin care programs, they run a day class for fun students and an evening class for part-time students. Here is their website,

6. VICI Aveda Institute

Aside from skincare, this school offers cosmetology and massage therapy. Here is the school website for more information.

7. W Academy of Salon and Spa

Apart from Esthetician, this school focuses on cosmetology too. Here is the school website.

8. Penn Foster High School

If you want to know more about Penn Foster High School here is the school’s link

9. West Georgia Technical College

There are a lot of interesting things about West Georgia Technical College, they offer associate degrees, diplomas, and certificate programs. 

Here is the school’s website, click on it to know more about the school.

10. Victory’s Academy of Cosmetology

Victory’s Academy of Cosmetology is a school that trains students in cosmetology, massage barbering, and esthetics. Here is the school’s website

11. University of Spa and Cosmetology Arts

It is an accredited online esthetician school that offers nail technology cosmetology, teaching Esthiology and massage therapy programs. Here is the school’s website, for more information, kindly click on this link

12. Wiregrass Georgia Technical College

WGTC is an online esthetician school that offers program degrees and certificates in different fields, they include Health Professions and Related Programs, Management Marketing, and Business. Here is the school’s website

13. Paul Mitchell Schools

Apart from skin beauty skin, this school also offers courses such as Bacteriology, Anatomy and Physiology, and Esthetician Chemistry are taught. here is the school’s website for more information,

14. Empire Beauty Schools

This school has a lot to offer when it comes to cosmetology. Check out from the school’s official website and learn more about the school.

15. Ogle School

Ogle school has eight locations in Houston, the School happens to be the largest Esthetics school and Cosmetology education provider in Texas. 

Another interesting thing about them is that they offer, salon-modeled training and are student-centered. Here is the school’s website, click on the link to get more information about the school.

16. Mirage Spa Education

Mirage Spa Education was the first beauty online school in Canada. For more pieces of information about the school, simply click on the link


Enrolling in Esthetician Schools Online gives an individual an opportunity to advance their education and attain long-term goals, with this they won’t have to attend a four-year degree program. So if you are interested in registering for the school, do not waste a moment, you will have a greater advantage.

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