20 Practical Guidelines to Increase Academic Excellence
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20 Practical Guidelines to Increase Academic Excellence in 2024

20 Practical Guidelines to Increase Academic Excellence – The path to success is sometimes rough. this is because it needs your time, diligence, consistency and hard work. 

You cannot succeed in your academics if you do not invest in it. You need to invest in what will rip over time and produce fruits. 

Getting to the peak of your education with flying colours does not just come because you have much money, yes the money can buy you the certificate but it buys you certificates you can’t defend. mind you there are places and countries where your money can’t even buy the educational certificate. 

Do not think like you did in course A, you will do sane in course B. Not all lectures are the same and not all waters are the same. 

It is quite unfortunate that students blame different things like financial constraints, environment etc. as the reason for their failure. the person that has made it didn’t keep a truckload of cash for his or her education neither was she staying in heaven to have a peaceful and calm environment or whatever the case may be. 

There are major guidelines that help students to pass and increase academic excellence. Funny enough it does not have different ways, it is just the same way everybody uses. 

20 Practical Guidelines to Increase Academic Excellence
20 Practical Guidelines to Increase Academic Excellence

20 Practical Guidelines to Increase Academic Excellence

Here are the 20 practical guidelines for increasing Academic excellence. 

  1. Attend your lectures regularly 
  2. Stick to what you know to do best 
  3. Develop and grow your study habit 
  4. Visit libraries and resource centres 
  5. Try to read for assimilate 
  6. Be time conscious 
  7. Get complete note 
  8. Avoid procrastination 
  9. Develop a good student-teacher relationship
  10. Write down achievable goals 
  11. Be active in class 
  12. Be among the brains in the class
  13. Create study groups 
  14. Be modest 
  15. Attend less of social activities and get extra curriculum classes
  16. Participate in every test and examination 
  17. Get a mentor 
  18. Be confident 
  19. Pray always 
  20. Don’t give up 

Attend your Lectures Regularly 

There is no possible way you will give back to the lecturer what you did not hear. Also, get to understand that attending classes help you understand more than reading the first time. Experiences where you use explanations given in class to answer an examination question are rampant. 

Apart from this, the university has a total average of class attendance you need to meet. Forget about making people write attendance. The lecturer knows his or her active students.

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Stick to What you know to do Best 

No matter the intimidation and influence you get in school, don’t try to do what you are not proficient at. You know you read to assimilate, but here you are trying to cram because your colleague does it and feels it is the better option. 

My dear you will spend the whole reading time wasting away. Try not to be a copycat, don’t try what’s is not for you. 

Develop and Grow Your Study Habit 

Whatever study habit you entered school with is not enough to get you academic excellence. You need to double up your game. Try as much as to get to read your notes and do your assignment and not leave for the Next day or sometimes the day of submission. 

Students who get to read before class get a better view of what is being taught in class. Apart from this he gets interactive with the lecturer and asks more questions while you don’t even understand what is going on. 

Visit Libraries and Resource Centers 

The places that you shouldn’t miss are the libraries and even resource centres. most times our lecturers consult the libraries before coming to class. Ghetto researched different topics and understood each note was written. Also, note that a notes formed or complied on your own will give you more understanding than a photocopied note. most times you won’t even understand the handwriting. 

Try to Read to Assimilate 

Try to read to understand and not just for exams. try to comprehend real-life experiences with instances. This will broaden your understanding. 

Reading just to write exams will get you a certificate that you cannot defend. also get to environments that allow for conducive reading. public places, clubs or noisy areas should not even be taught. 

Be Time Conscious 

Yes, we know you want to make first class but try not to read more than you can retain. you will only endanger your health. 

Apart from the above, plan, manage and be time conscious, allocate time to different things. You can work on schedule with your reading time inclusive. 

Get Complete Note 

Most students get to meet different questions in exams and be like “This was not taught”. uncle/aunty, you didn’t photocopy that part. This is why you need to be attending classes so you get everything taught. the complete note is very necessary 

Avoid Procrastination 

Anything that needs to be done should be done immediately thought of or at the right time. Stop saying I will do later,  I will do later. it is easier said than done. Before you realize it’s a few days to exams /tests. you didn’t read or you didn’t cover the areas of concentration. 

Develop good student Teacher Relationship

Be very careful what you understand here, especially with the opposite sex. Try to get a mentor who will guide you. You can make your senior colleague a better mentor 

Write down achievable goals 

Set targets for yourself. ones that can be achieved and not ones that cannot be achieved In a new semester or term, set things you want and work towards it  

Be Active in Class

Active participation is another major tool in aiding effective increase in academic excellence. Be outstanding and known for good educational skills and not for anything, not on point. 

Ask questions where it needs to be. make contributions. this builds morale and confidence. 

Be Among the Brains in the Class

Try to hang with a person who can affect you positively. brilliant and outstanding people should be seen with you and not the opposite  

Create study groups

Another major reading and learning experience you cannot afford to miss. Get minds who are educationally sound together, and create a study group where discussion and sharing of ideas can be done.  

Be Modest 

Cleanliness is next to godliness. Yes, you are an A student but try to clean and dress modest. don’t look like the world is crumbling on you. 

Attend less of social activities and get extra curriculum classes

While reading plenty, allocate time for other extracurricular activities. Get to birthdays, sports etc.. It will get you open to new ideas, connections etc..  

Participate in Every Test and Examination

You can’t be absent from exams or tests and expect a score from heaven to make you have good grades. Be present in exams and tests and be there on time so you can settle and write without being rushed. 

Be Confident

Please don’t feel less of yourself. sometimes students get to the exam hall tensed and end up priming poor not because they don’t know what to write but because they are not confident. same in class. Stand up ask questions, and contribute, they won’t chew you  

Pray Always 

The bible says seek ye first the kingdom of God and all other things will be added to you. Pray before and when you are back. Let him take the wheel. 

Don’t give up 

No matter how many times you fail, don’t say “This is not  for me” Press further and you will get there 


This article gives you 20 practical guidelines for increasing academic performance. They are technically inevitable for every student from primary to the highest level of education you can think of. for more information and inquiries you can drop a comment in the comment box below. 

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