JAMB vs Post UTME: Which One is More Difficult to Scale Through

JAMB vs Post UTME: Which One is More Difficult to Scale Through

JAMB vs Post UTME: Which One is More Difficult to Scale Through – If you were asked which one is easier to pass between JAMB and Post UTME, which one would you have picked?

Are you of the opinion that JAMB or Post UTME is? If JAMB is tougher than Post UTME why? And if Post UTME is tougher than JAMB why?

This is what I will be discussing with you today in this article, so if you are aspiring to write any of the aforementioned examinations, read this article and find out which one is more difficult to pass, and how you can study and pass successfully.

At the end of this post, readers will be able to know why JAMB or Post UTME is more difficult and how to come out with flying colors at the end of each examination.

JAMB vs Post UTME: Which One is More Difficult to Scale Through

About JAMB and Post UTME 

Before I go ahead with the focus of this post, let me do a brief explanation of both JAMB and Post nUTME.

What does JAMB mean? It means Joint Admission and Matriculation Board. It is a body that conducts a post-secondary examination that qualifies student who intends to enter into the tertiary institution.

What then is Post UTME? This one stands for Post Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination. It is an examination that is conducted by the University that JAMB candidates want to study their desired courses.

In both examinations, candidates must meet with the required score before they are considered for admission.

JAMB vs Post UTME: Which One is More Difficult to Scale Through

The truth is that there is no examination that you will write in this life that is not tough, unless, it is not an examination. 

What that means is that both JAMB and Post UTME screening examination is tough, all depends on how prepared you are for the examination.

Having said that, let me list out the yardstick for both examinations, which I will be using to explain the two.

I will not be biased in the judgment of these two examinations, nor will I take sides, but I will say things as it supposed to be.

They are as follows:

  1. Accessibility to past questions
  2. Examination structure
  3. Availability of tutorial centers 
  4. Subject combinations

Accessibility to past questions

The truth is that it is very easy for you to access JAMB past questions. You can buy JAMB past questions in the market or download them online, and this makes it easy for candidates to have a clue of what their examination looks like. 

With this, I can tell you that it is easier for you to pass JAMB than Post UTME screening.

In the same way, the inability of students to have access to Post UTME screening past questions, posts a lot of odds to students who want to take the screening exercise.

Examination structure

If you look at the examination structure of JAMB, you will know that students can rely on it. 

It means that JAMB has a structure and a framework that candidates can rely on to study for the examination, and that makes it easier for them to pass the examination.

On the contrary, the UTME screening exercise does not have a framework or syllable that student will have to study with, what you do is study at random, and this make the examination difficult for students.

Availability of tutorial centers 

Before students take JAMB, almost all of them attend tutorial classes so as to brush up on the things they already know and learn the techniques on how to answer JAMB questions.

One thing about JAMB is that there are some questions that have the same strategy of asking, though the question may not be the same, therefore, you learn the technique on how to answer those questions, and nothing will stop you from doing well.

Conversely, the aptitude test as it is also known and called does not have any tutorial center, because those who may post as teachers don’t even know what the University will ask in the test, and so they do not know where to start from, and this alone has made it very difficult for the student to pass the examination.

Subject Combinations

I can say that JAMB is more easy to pass than Post UTME, because, when you are preparing to write for JAMB, you know the subjects that you are writing on and you can focus on them, but it is not like that in Post UTME screening exercise.

In the Post UTME screening test, you just have to read at random, using the idea of what you know, and this makes it more difficult for the candidates to excel in their examination.


To do well in either of the examinations, it is important that you start to prepare for the exam early. Don’t procrastinate, and close to two weeks to the exam, you now wake up from your slumber.

Moreover, on the day of your exam, make sure that you have enough sleep, and be in the exam center in time to avoid going late, which can result in tension.



How can I prepare well for any of these examinations?

For you to make it in your examination, do the following:

  • Start reading as early as possible.
  • Resolve to scale through.
  • Prepare adequately.
  • Study Post UTME past questions.
  • Ask questions when necessary.
  • Study with relevant materials.
  • Pray always for help from Go

How many Subjects are to be taken by JAMB Candidates?

During your JAMB UTME, your O’Level subject combination will be four, and you have to pay attention to them, by studying hard for each of the subjects.

For example, the following are the UTME subject combinations for a student who wants to study Pharmacy at the University:

  • Mathematics
  • English Language
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology


Considering all the factors that we have discussed in this post, you can see that writing JAMB seems simpler than Post UTME Why? Because of the Accessibility to past questions, Examination structure, Availability of tutorial centers, and Subject combinations are known.

Now, if the Post UTME screening exercise were to have the same features as JAMB, it would have been difficult to factor this, but from the basis of this argument, it is obvious that JAMB is easier to pass than Post UTME.


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