Small Businesses that can Excel in Rural Areas with Huge ROI

Small Businesses that Can Excel in Rural Areas with Huge ROI

Today, we will be bringing to your knowledge a list of some small businesses that can excel in rural with huge ROI (return of invest, or profit.  keep reading to get the needed value here.

Small Businesses that can Excel in Rural Areas with Huge ROI

Yes, so many people who live in rural areas would love to engage in one business or another that will give good returns, but a good number of them don’t know the type of business to go into.

Based on this, this article will give you a list of small businesses that people in rural communities can do and get profit in return.

However, if you are looking forward to doing any of such businesses and you can’t figure out the kind of business you should do, then read this article for details of the businesses you can do.

An Overview of Small Businesses

What does small business mean to you? Small businesses are retail services that are rendered by business owners to the final consumers.

Small businesses usually, are a sole proprietorship kind of business. Most of them that are established with a big capital can have like one or two employees who work there.

Small business are businesses that are established with very small capital that also brings small profit returns at the end of the day or month. They are usually done in the streets where the owners stay, to assist people who don’t have much money to go to the mall to buy things.

 In rural communities, you will see so many small retail businesses carried out by people to earn a living. They offer little businesses that bring them small profits to make all ends meet.

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Small Businesses that can Excel in Rural Areas with Huge ROI

If you want to start a business around your rural community, and you don’t know which one to start with, this list will help you to make a choice.

In this section, I will be listing out those businesses for you and also give you brief information on each of them.

  • Provision shop/store
  • Fashion designer/ Clothing store
  • Barbing salon
  • Mechanic shop
  • Poultry/livestock farming
  • Car wash 
  • Laundry services
  • Computer training center

Provision shop/store

In rural areas, most people produce what they consume, but that does not mean that they produce everything that they need, because no one is self-sufficient.

It means that if you are a producer of rice and beans, you will still need yam, and if you are not the producer of yam, then you will need to buy it, so that is where the provision shop comes in.

You can decide to open a shop and sell different things that people produce and those who don’t have those commodities will come and buy them from you.

Fashion designer/ Clothing store

Fashion does not have a boundary. Both those in the urban and rural areas like to wear good designs and it is someone that will design it for the rural dwellers, so you can open a design shop where you design good and beautiful clothes for the rural dwellers and still make good money from it.

As rural dweller designers, you have to make sure that the cost is not too much for them to bear, since they are mostly petty traders and don’t have much money to pay for expensive clothes.

Barbing salon/Hairdressing salon

Barbing salons and hair for women is another kind of small business that brings a huge return to people who are into the business.

If you are staying in a rural area, as a man or woman, you can open a barbing salon, or a hair shop, where you barb hair and plait hair for people from day to day.

If you are good at what you do, you will be surprised at how much you will make at the end of the day. In fact, there is money in the salon business.

Mechanic shop

It is not only those who stay in the urban areas that drive cars, those in the rural areas also have cars, and as such, their cars are bound to have issues and will require the help of a mechanic.

If you are in the village you can learn how to fix cars and motorbikes, and you can make pretty money from this.

In most cases, people relocate to the urban cities for greener pastures and it becomes very hard to find a mechanic in the village, so if you become the only mechanic around your area, then you are bound to make so much money.

You can even own a mechanic shop so that if your client’s car condition demands a change of parts you can also sell for him and still make money from it.


Poultry/livestock farming

In the village, you will always have enough space that waste, and you can use such space to start a poultry farm. This is one advantage you will have over those in the city because there are no lands and space like that in the city.

In the poultry farm business, you can sell your chickens, and the eggs produced by your hens, thereby making double the profit from the same business.

Car wash 

Car wash is also another paying business you can engage in. A car wash business is very easy for you to start because it does not demand so much investment. 

To start your car wash, you need to find a location where there is provision for water, then you need your washing tools, and all the materials you need for your washing business.

If you are able to wash five to ten cars in a day you can make so much money.

Laundry services

Some people who don’t have the time to wash their clothes usually take their clothes to a dry cleaning shop where they will wash the clothes and are paid for the services.

So imagine that you have a shop, and you are washing clothes for people every day, and you are charging them like N500 for each clothing you wash, you will surely make good returns.

Other small businesses that you can do in the rural areas are;

  • Computer training center
  • Personal Coaching
  • Restaurant business

The aforementioned are the various small businesses that you can do in rural areas. Thank you for reading this post to the end.

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