Should I choose US or Uk as my study abroad destination? Which one is better?
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Should I Choose US or Uk as My Study Abroad Destination? Which One is Better?

Should I Choose US or Uk as my Study Abroad Destination? Choosing a career institution can be so confusing especially when it has to do with the two most outstanding countries like the United Kingdom (UK) and the united states(US).

Should I choose US or Uk as my study abroad destination? Which one is better?

However, there are certain factors you should consider when making a choice of institution. some factors like:

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Study Abroad Destination

  • Course of study
  • Location
  • Criteria(eligibility) and requirement
  • Cost of living
  • Duration
  • Quality of education
  • Fees schedule, etc.

The course of study

Before making a choice of institution, an individual has to dome some research on the best universities that offer the course of interest, u can then choose from the best seen.

That will be part of what will help make a proper decision. else you end up choosing an institution that does not specialize in your course of interest


It is very important that individuals or students check the location of their preferred institution before making a choice. The location matter, and why it matters is that some parts of the country do discriminate.

You also have to be careful so you do not choose an institution that is a community or country that is currently facing wars or conflict. that will not encourage peaceful education.

Criteria /Eligibility

This also helps in making a choice of institution. you should check the eligibility criteria and the requirement if you have met them or not. this goes as far as understanding their grade score system.

You have to be sure you have met the eligibility criteria of a particular institution before the application

Cost of living

This is another major area of consideration. The cost of living, just as in Nigeria, things in the federal capital territory (Abuja is quite expensive than in Akwa Ibom).

Between the intended locations check out the cost of living ranging from accommodation to feeding and other needs. this has to be in your plan and under budget.

Off course as an international student, you have to show financial account proof that you can carter for yourself an education during your stay, and if sponsored the person has to show proof. So this should also be a major consideration.


Most persons have their life plan mapped out and they ensure to work diligently on that. As such, as a student who has ambition and goals, while making your choice of the institution you have to check not just the duration but the content of the duration.

The one you feel has more to offer in a period you deem fit for you should be your choice. There are some institutions on universities that can give you about 4 certificates depending on your courses of study within a period of 5 years.

Quality of education

This is paramount. you cannot indeed be a professional in a computer and yet you go to an institution that can’t even afford practical materials.

This lead to searching for the right location, institution, and university that can give you the quality of education you want.  An institution that has a downline of testimonies, achievements, testimonials, alumni and etc can still fail you in the least of what you think.

Keen research, make inquiries, and read materials. There are institutions that can introduce you to organizations that serve as a stepping stone in your carrier.

So consider institutions that affiliate with important organizations you may want to work with. this is an added advantage to your educational career.

Fees schedule

The fee schedule of these institutions in different locations should be another major point of interest. It should be something you can afford, this helps settle for what you can afford and not struggle to pay or drop out.

Off course most institutions don’t accept part payment, you make complete payment for the duration you will spend before even commencing lectures

This is why the embassy makes requests for financial statements before giving out a visa.

In this article we will be talking about two great countries united kingdom and the united states of America, we will outline the advantages and disadvantages so you can make a choice of institution.

The choice solely depends on the individual. We are only going to tell you the difference between the two and the possible outcomes in choosing each of them,

Should I Choose US or Uk as my Study Abroad destination? Which One is Better?

Advantages of studying in the United Kingdom (UK)


According to research, it is noted that the duration of courses in both countries varies. A student can finish a degree course in the period of two (2) to four (4) years in the United Kingdom, but can’t do the same in the united states of America.

This applies to other levels of education (postgraduate, master, etc)

This makes the UK the most preferred when talking about the duration of a course of study. it has a shorter duration as compared to the United States educational duration.

Cultural Exposure

Yes, the United kingdom’s education is managed by the British government but this doesn’t stop their cultural exploration.

It is a known fact that the UK has one of the best cultural exposure. Their history, different cultures coming together, their lifestyle, mode of dressing, royal families, traditions and etc.

You get exposed to this different culture and traditions and a whole lot of ancient or archaic traditional practices that are recreated for amusement.

Nature or Mode of Education

The nature of education in the UK can be preferable to that of the US. Although in the UK you have to choose your course of interest even before you start.  But the assessment system is preferable to the US.

The UK assessment system is monthly or at the end of the session or semester. Other assessment systems can be subjected to projects, seminars, workshops, and programs.

This makes the student do more exploring, research work, and reading. their grading system is also preferable.

School Fees Schedule

The school fees schedule in the UK is a bit more affordable than in the US. Apart from that, the fees schedule section is made available to students who cannot carter for the full payment option.

Also, the UK has scholarship programs for international students

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for students in the UK are simple than the US. The UK accepts other types of proficiency tests far it’s not more than a year. but it might not be the same in the US. Also, you can apply to more than 3 universities for a degree.

Most institutions in the UK don’t even require the proficiency test so far you have an organized letter of intent.

Work Opportunities 

The UK has diverse work opportunities which help the student to cater to or start their career dream even before getting their dream job.

Although the UK doesn’t offer guaranteed job opportunities international students stand an advantage to remain in the country even after graduation, find a good job, or better still enroll in a program that will help secure top jobs.

Whether the Visa study permit is expired or not the rule governing the student’s community gives an exception to that.


The UK has a calm, conducive, and natural environment for study with exposure to different cultures and lifestyles. Your choice of the environment of study is what matters. The UK has beautiful beaches and riverine coastlines etc.

Disadvantages of Studying in the UK

  • Short decision-making period
  • Unstable weather conditions

Short Decision-Making Process

The decision-making process in the UK is very short. students rent allowed to explore the general courses before finally settling for the best option for the.

The students are told to choose their intended course before applying and starting the class. This sometimes makes most students regret their choice of study.

Unstable Weather Condition

The weather conditions in the UK are kind of unstable, it can be cold, drizzling, cloudy, dark, sunny and etc. All students that are applying should be notified of the conditions.

Most times the weather forecast goes unpredictable.

Advantages of studying in the US

Enough decision-making period

Unlike the former students who have to make decisions before resuming class. The US educational system gives students a period for general assessment.

Students take general courses on different areas of interest before finally making a decision on the preferred area of specialization. The US gives students enough time to explore and make a choice at the end of their second year which is known as the sophomore.

Good study aid

The US is known for its world-class educational system. it makes provision for enough professional study aids for its student both practically and theoretically.

It is because of this particular advantage US government have tried to help students who have a strong interest and passion in studying in the Us but are not financially buoyant to apply for yearly scholarship or foundation grant etc.

Good exposure

With most institutions having world-class affiliate organizations, students are allowed to join business societies or clubs that allow curbing the level of ignorance of students about some ideas.

Students are allowed to enroll in extracurricular activities which helps in making their careers. This is one of the superior advantages of the US educational system.

World-class certificate

It is a thing of happiness to graduate in the US and you’re being offered a certificate. A world-class certificate that is recognized anywhere in the world without much questioning. US certificates are known to be world-class

You can apply for a job in a reputable company anywhere in the country and you will be accepted if you pass their requirement and eligibility status.

Different study option

Students are allowed to enroll in a course for some time before choosing a specialty. They are allowed to have a deeper and wider understanding of their course of interest before they are diversified.

Just like studying mathematics before getting to choose if you’re doing further maths or the other.

world-class companies for internship and affiliate programs

The united states are known for its superior internship programs. the most interesting is that students who get to be in these companies and do exceptionally well get detained and are off the job labor market.

It is almost possible to see students with first-class degrees in the US not having a job to start with or programs running.

This makes it an added advantage to students who study in the US


The US tasks student with big companies, the environment, and tours for exploration, research programs, and projects.

This also helps the students to know more places apart from the school communities at large and also have access to these places. create connection. in fact, this is a pathway for students in building their career


US house year one students and another level of students at low cost. they also allow for sharing of rooms which also serves as a security advantage.

Roommates are allowed which helps the student save on the cost of living unlike the UK which doesn’t permit the sharing of rooms and doesn’t house students after the first year of school

Disadvantages of Studying in the US

High cost of living/fees

The US cost of living and fees is on the high side. this is why most students prefer the UK to the US. In most cases, the students are required to pay all of the fees to cover the duration of their studies.

This is almost impossible for some students.


Students find it difficult in obtaining a visa because of the requirement and eligibility criteria. The application process is alarming too.

Their specific proficiency test which and a five-scale grading system. The visits application has slots and once the slots are full you have to wait for another application period. That is why students that want to study here are advised to apply early

Work Opportunities

After graduation, you are given only 60 days to find a job or enroll in a program. If you are not able to find a job t secure your work permit you are to return to your country and then apply again. Unlike the UK where students are given 2 years


Choosing between the two is solely the choice of the student. Both have it own advantages and disadvantages. If cost is not a problem then you can choose the US, but if you want an environment that will promote the learning process you can choose the UK.

Frequently Asked Question

Which country is preferable? Is it the United States or the United Kingdom?

This depends solely on the individual choice

which country is cheaper.

United Kingdom

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