NYSC Final Clearance Procedure for POP

NYSC Final Clearance for Passing Out Parade (POP) – How to Go About the Whole Process

NYSC Final Clearance for Passing Out Parade: When you graduate from the u university, you do your clearance and then get mobilized for your National Youth Service Corp, and after you have served for about twelve months when your service is coming to an end gradually, you will be required to do your NYSC clearance.

It is this clearance that will determine if you will be awarded the NYSC discharge certificate or not. So for those who are still in service and those who are about to go for their service, this article will help you because we are going to discuss how you can do your NYSC clearance successfully.

NYSC Final Clearance Procedure for POP

What You Need for Your NYSC Final Clearance Passing Out Parade

These are the things and the people that you need signatures and stamps before you can do your final clearance successfully, they are as follows:

  • PPA final clearance form
  • stamp or sealed from your office
  • Staple your ID card
  • Submit your clearance form to your L.I
  • The CDS Officer’s signature
  • Foundation Form
  • Magazine payment.
  • Final clearance signature/stamp
  • Local government officer stamp,

NYSC Final Clearance for Passing Out Parade (POP) – How to Go About the Whole Process

If you know that you want your clearance to be successful, then you have to do the following:

  1. Active participation in NYSC activities
  2. Get a Clearance Form from Your PPA
  3. Get Your Form Signed/Stamped by Your L. I and Z.I
  4. Payment for Magazine
  5. Attend Meetings
  6. Get Attestation Clearance
  7. Be on Your Complete Dress Code (7/7)

Active participation in NYSC activities

One thing you should know is that clearance does not start when your service year gradually comes to an end, it starts the day you started your service. What do I mean? From day one, you have to ensure that you attend CDS meetings, discharge your duties at your primary place of assignment, and finally see to it that you always do your monthly clearance.

Get a Clearance Form from Your PPA

When you have spent a better part of your service year, three weeks to the end of your service, that is your passing out parade,  you have to obtain your final clearance form from your primary place of assignment (PPA). 

The final clearance form is very important because, without it, you will not be cleared by your local government inspector or your zonal inspector. So you now see how important the final clearance form is. It, therefore, means that you have to try to be in terms with those at your primary place of assignment.

Get Your Form Signed/Stamped by Your L. I and Z.I

After you have gotten your final clearance form from your primary place of assignment, you have to do a series of clearances. Firstly you have to go and clear yourself with your CDS coordinator, to ensure that you have paid all your duce.  

After that you have to take it to your local government inspector, who will sign and stamp the form for you, then from the local government inspector, your form will be taken to your zonal inspector for his or her signature and stamp if you fail to get all the necessary signatures and stamps, you may not be given your own discharge certificate.

Payment for Magazine

As you are making preparations to pass out, you will also have to make payment for your passing out the magazine. This payment is made by every passing out corp member, but the payment differs per local government. This payment is for the passing out parade magazine (POP) magazine that contains the pictures of all the corp members that are passing out.

Attend Meetings

During the last two weeks of your passing out parade, a series of meetings will be held for the sake of the passing out parade, it however, is important that you attend those meetings as they will help you to know how the POP will be. 

In the meeting, you learn the time for the passing out parade, the uniform you are to wear, and where you are to get your discharge certificate. You have to be on good behavior until the whole process is over. I know that some corp members are very stubborn that they stay away from meetings.

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Get Attestation Clearance 

Among other things, also make sure that you collect an attestation clearance. This document is to be issued to you by your local government inspector and it is very necessary because it will be a document that will be required from you before you be given your discharge certificate. The attestation certificate shows that you have been cleared and that you have no problem and can be given the discharge certificate.

Be on Your Complete Dress Code (7/7)

On the D day, you have to make sure that you are on the right and complete the NYSC uniform and dress code. Don’t wear your crested vest, but your complete uniform, or else you will not have access to your credentials. 

Do not fly out your shirts, don’t wear any other shoes except your jungle boot, arrive at the venue on time and don’t be involved in any problem, and finally don’t forget to go with your ID card, because it with the ID card that you get your discharge certificate.

Dressing Code for Passing Out Parade

What is the dress code that every corp member is required to wear during their passing out parade (POP)? During your passing out parade, you are expected to have the following on you.

  1. Crested Vest
  2. Jungle Boot
  3. Face Cap
  4. Belt
  5. Khaki trousers
  6. Green white green socks
  7. Khaki Shirt (optional)


That is all we have for you concerning your NYSC final clearance. We have told you all the documents and the procedures you need to follow in the course of your clearance with your local government inspector and the zonal inspector. So do well to abide by the simple things you need to do so as to get yourself cleared easily with the respective authorities. I wish you earnestly that you don’t have any problem as you are getting prepared for your final clearance.

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