Nigerian Air Force Salary Structure (Latest Update)
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Nigerian Air Force Salary Structure (Latest Update)

Guys, have you been searching for the salary structure, that is seeking to know how much the Nigerian Air Force officers are receiving per month? 

We have the information for. We have gathered the salary structure of the Nigerian Air Force for all the ranks here for you.

If you want to know about this, then keep reading this article to the end. The article has a salary structure for both commissioned and non-commissioned officers.

We will also tell you about the different allowances that are given to officers, both those in training.

Nigerian Air Force Salary Structure (Latest Update)

About the Nigerian Air Force

The Nigerian Air Force is an arm of the Nigerian armed forces who are in charge of defending the Nation against external forces through the air.

It was founded 59 years ago, which means it was established in 1964 and has been in operation since then till date. It consists of over 18,000 personnel, according to 2021 statistics.

It is the youngest among other armed forces in Nigeria, yet it is the largest in the entire Africa.

Categories of the Nigerian Air Force

The two categories are:

  1. Commissioned Nigeria Air Force
  2. Non-commissioned Nigeria Air Force

Commissioned Nigeria Air Force

These members of the force spent the period of 5 years doing both academic and military training in the Nigerian Defence Academy. After their training, they pass out with the rank of pilot officer, and they always earn more salary than the non-commissioned officers.

Non-commissioned Nigeria Air Force

These members of the force, who spend a minimum of 6 months doing the Nigerian Air Force basic training, join the force with at least SSCE and pass out with the rank of an aircraft man.

The non-commissioned officers training is subdivided into two categories known as the Nontradesmen, and the tradesman.

Nigerian Air Force Tradesmen

They joined the NAF recruitment with a trade certificate, meaning that they already had a skill before joining the force.

Nigerian Air Force Non-Tradesmen

They joined the NAF recruitment without any trade certificate, meaning that they did not join the force with any skill, only with their SSCE.

Nigerian Airforce Salary Structure Latest update

The Nigerian Airforce is divided into two categories, they are then categorized into commissioned ranks and non-commissioned cadres. So in this article, we are going to consider their salary structure based on these two categories.

  1. Non-commissioned NAF Salary Structure
  2. Commissioned NAF Salary Structure

Non-commissioned NAF Salary Structure

In this section, you will find the officers who are yet to be commissioned by the body and the salary they receive monthly.

Although the officers listed in this category are not yet commissioned, they all don’t receive the same salary. Their salaries depend on their ranks. So let us see the breakdown of their respective salaries now.

NAF Rank: Recruit

Average salary: ₦10,237

NAF Rank: Aircraftman

Average salary: ₦53,892

NAF Rank: Lance Corporal

Average salary: ₦55,832

NAF rank: Corporal

Average salary: ₦58,634

NAF rank: Sergeant

Average salary: ₦69,261

NAF rank: Flight Sergeant

Average salary: ₦87,119

NAF rank: Warrant Officer

Average salary: ₦101,974

NAF salary: Master Warrant Officer

Average salary: ₦165,697

NAF rank: Air Warrant Officer

Average salary: ₦171,793


Commissioned NAF Salary Structure

The commissioned NAF officers are the highly ranking officers in the Air Force. They receive a huge sum of salary based on their position occupation.

In the commissioned NAF, the pilot officer receives the lower salary, while the Marshal of the Nigerian Air Force, receives the highest salary.

Having said that, let us move into the breakdown of their salary now.

Rank: Pilot Officer

Average salary: ₦187,159

Rank: Flying Officer

Average salary: ₦218,400

Rank: Flight Lieutenant

Average salary: ₦232,484

Rank: Squadron Leader

Average salary: ₦248,004

Rank: Wing Commander

Average salary: ₦342,586

Rank: Group Captain

Average salary: ₦352,631

Rank: Air Commodore

Average salary: ₦677,895

Rank: Air Vice-Marshal

Average salary: ₦1,376,343

Rank; Air Marshal

Average salary: ₦1,486,451

Rank: Air Chief Marshal

Average salary: ₦1,724,283

Rank; Marshal of the Nigerian Air Force

Average salary: This salary structure is not disclosed


Nigerian Air Force Allowances

Apart from the salary that is paid the Nigerian Air Force officers, they are also offered some allowances, such as:

  • Regiment Allowance
  • Transport Allowance
  • Uniform Allowance
  • Boot Allowance
  • Operation Allowance.

Other NAF Training Allowances 2023

Recruits training allowance is about  N10,000 – 12,000 per month.

Short Service Cadets receive about 15,000 – 20,000 per month.

Air Force Regular Cadets receive about 25,000 – 30,000 per month.


That is all we have for you on the Nigerian Airforce Salary Structure 2023. I hope that the information was helpful to the concerned persons. If you have read the article to the end you find answers to your questions concerning the NAF salary structure, including their allowances.

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