Nigerian Air Force Departments/Branches (Complete List)

Nigerian Air Force Departments/Branches (Complete List)

Are you nursing the intention of joining the Nigeria Air Force? If yes then you would also like to know about the different departments or what is otherwise known as branches of the force.

When you finally become a member of the force, you will have the opportunity to work with any of the branches or departments that we are about to discuss with you today in this article, so read for a better understanding.

There are so many departments in the Nigeria Air Force, and in this article, you will learn about almost all of the departments, though with brief details of all of them.

Nigerian Air Force Departments/Branches (Complete List)

About Nigeria Air Force Departments

There are 18 (Eighteen) NAF departments according to our research, and we are going to list them all here for you before we go into brief details of each of them. They are as follows:

  1. Direct Reporting Units (Drus)                                             
  2. Principal Air Staff Officer (Paso)                                                                               
  3. Project Implementation And Monitoring Team                                   
  4. Chief Of The Air Staff(Cas)
  5. Logistics
  6. Policy And Plans                                             
  7. Administration                                             
  8. Air Secretary
  9. Accounts And Budget                                             
  10. Medical Services                                             
  11. Standards And Evaluation                                             
  12. Logistics Command                                             
  13. Ground Training Command                                             
  14. Air Training Command
  15. Mobility Command                                             
  16. Special Operations Command                                             
  17. Tactical Air Command
  18. Training And Operations 

Direct Reporting Units (Drus)      

The direct reporting unit is one of the Nigeria Air Force Command that gives direct reports of happenings to the high-ranking officers of the force.                                                              

Project Implementation And Monitoring Team          

This is another department of the Nigeria Air Force who are saddled with the responsibility of implementing projects that are to be done by the force, they also help in monitoring the project as well, to make sure that they are carried out according to plan.

Logistics Command 

This is the department that is in charge of the supply of all the necessary materials, and equipment, including the management of transportation and other services in the Nigeria Air Force.

Training And Operations Department

This is a department that oversees the training and operation of the entire force. When the Nigeria Air Force has new recruits, they are always trained, and certified before they can become full members of the force.

Policy And Plans  Department

Policy and Plans department was established in 2008. Before now, it was under a directorate, known as the Directorate of Plans, which was under the Office of the Chief of the Air Staff.

It is this branch that is in charge of planning, management, and interpretation of national policies of the body. They are also responsible for the coordination of policy formulation and implementation.

Directorates under the Policy and Plans Department

The following are the directorates that operate with these departments

  • Directorate Of Policy
  • Directorate Of Plans
  • Directorate Of Museums And Archives
  • Directorates of NAF transformation 


Administration Department 

This is another important department in the Nigerian Air Force, whose primary duty is to formulate administrative policies in the Nigerian Air Force. Issues relating to administration and welfare are handled by them.

Directorates Under the Administration Department

  • Directorate Of Administration
  • Directorate Of Air Provost
  • Directorate Of Legal Services
  • Directorate Of Public Relations And Information
  • Directorate Of Education
  • Directorate Of Physical Education
  • Directorate Of Islamic Affairs
  • Directorate Of Chaplaincy Protestant              

Air Secretary Department

This department ensures the formulation and promulgation of personnel management policies, as well as overseeing the plans and programs that will sustain a highly motivated force.

Directorates under the Air Secretary Department

  • Directorate Of Personnel Management
  • Directorate Of Recruitment Resettlement And Reserve

Accounts And Budget Department

This is the department that is concerned with matters that relate to how much the body spends. therefore, they are the body in charge of the formulation of Nigerian Air Force financial and accounting policies, and make plans for annual budget estimates.

Directorates Under Accounts And Budget 

  • Directorates of Finance, 
  • Accounts, 
  • Budget 
  • And Inspections.

Training and Operations Department

This department is in charge of policies that guide Nigerian Air Force training operations, they also co-ordinate and monitor the Air Force training and operation activities.

Directorates under the Training and Operations Department

  • Directorate Of Operations
  • Directorate Of Training
  • Directorate Of Air Traffic Management And Services
  • Directorate Of Regiment
  • Dcmr


Air Craft Engineering Department

Policies on all aircraft engineering issues, armament, Ground Support Equipment, and maintenance of the Nigerian Air Force operations, are formulated by this department.

Directorates Aircraft Engineering

  • Directorate Of Air Engineering
  • Directorate Of Armament
  • Directorate Of Production
  • Directorate Of Material And Systems Management
  • Directorate Of Aircraft.

Communication Information Systems 

They are the departments of NAF that make policies relating to communications, electronic and radar maintenance, and other information technology needs, and its maintenance, is also performed by them.

Directorates under the Communication Information Systems 

  • Directorate Of Communications
  • Directorate Of Radar
  • Directorate Of Information Technology
  • Directorate Of Space Technology

Other Departments include:

Apart from those departments that have been explained above, there are still others, that are listed below:

  • Medical Services                                             
  • Standards And Evaluation                                             
  • Logistics Command                                             
  • Ground Training Command                                             
  • Air Training Command
  • Mobility Command                                             
  • Special Operations Command                                             
  • Tactical Air Command


This is where our post for today will come to an end. Hope you were able to get the complete list of the Nigeria Air Force departments. Thank you for reading the post. Please feel free to ask us any questions you have about the Nigerian Air Force Departments/Branches (Complete List), we are there for you.

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