List of Courses Offered at University of Lagos

List of Courses Offered at University of Lagos

List of Courses Offered at the University of Lagos – Congratulations on your decision to pursue another facet of life. Seeking to know the list of courses offered by the University of Lagos indicates that you are preparing to expand your knowledge educationally will be an added advantage to you.

Whether as a fresh high school leaver, a graduate, an undergraduate, a researcher, a writer, a worker, etc., whichever category you belong to, this article is for you.

Here we will be giving you details of the different courses available at the University of Lagos and also we will be listing them according to faculties.

This helps a student easily understand his or her course of study and the faculty at which she can identify it. Apart from that, we will also take a brief overview of the University of Lagos.

If this is your first time trying to learn about the University of Lagos this article goes a long way in helping you understand the basics when talking history of the prestigious university.

You are please advised to read carefully so as not to make mistakes. We will also talk about the subject combination for arts and science students in the university.

That is to say, this document will help you in making choices of subject combination using the Joint Admission Board Matriculation Examination.

List of Courses Offered at University of Lagos

Overview of Lagos University

UNILAG as fondly called is the University of Lagos in full. A public research university that is located in Lagos state Nigeria. This university was birthed in the year 1962, it is counted among the first-generation universities that were established in Nigeria.

Furthermore, this university is also one of the top-ranked universities in Nigeria when talking about educational quality.

UNILAG operates an urban campus that presently has three campuses located in Yaba idi-araba, Lagos mainland.

The University of Lagos has its motto as in deed and in truth and its chancellor is Alhaji Dr. Abubarkar IBN Umar Garvaiu El-Kanemi who is the Shehu of Borno.

Also the university vice chancellor Folasade Ogunsola. With a total of thousand seven hundred and thirty-six academic staff and five hundred and fifty-two administrative staff. Educating fifty-five thousand students.

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Faculties available at the University of Lagos

The following faculties are present in the University of Lagos

1.       Arts

2.       Basic Medical Sciences

3.       Clinical Services

4.       Dental Sciences

5.       Education

6.       Engineering

7.       Environmental Sciences

8.       Law

9.       Management Sciences

10.   Pharmacy

11.   Sciences

12.   Social Sciences

Courses offered at the University of Lagos


1.       Creative Arts

2.       English

3.       European Languages & Integration Studies

4.       History & Strategic Studies

5.       Linguistics African Asian Studies

6.       Philosophy

Basic Medical Sciences

1.       Anatomy

2.       Anatomic & Molecular Pathology

3.       Biochemistry

4.       Medical Microbiology & Parasitology

5.       Medical Laboratory Science

6.       Physiology

Clinical Sciences

1.       Anaesthesia

2.       Clinical pathology

3.       Community Health & Primary Care

4.       Haematology & blood transfusion

5.       Medicine

6.       Nursing

7.       Obstetrics & Gynaecology

8.       Ophthalmology

9.       Paediatrics

10.   Psychiatry

11.   Physiotherapy

12.   Radiology

13.   Surgery

Dental Sciences

1.       Child Dental Health

2.       Oral Pathology/Biology

3.       Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery

4.       Preventive Dentistry

5.       Restorative Dentistry


1.       Adult Education

2.       Arts & Social Science Education

3.       Human Kinetics & Health Education

4.       Education Administration

5.       Educational Foundations

6.       Science Tech. Education


1.       Biomedical Engineering

2.       Chemical Engineering

3.       Civil & Environmental

4.       Electrical & Electronics

5.       Mechanical Engineering

6.       Metallurgical & Materials

7.       Surveying & Geo-Informatics

8.       Systems Engineering

Environmental Sciences

1.       Architecture

2.       Building

3.       Estate

4.       Quantity Surveying

5.       Urban & Regional Planning


Management Sciences

1.       Accounting

2.       Actuarial Science & Insurance

3.       Banking & Finance

4.       Business Administration

5.       Industrial Relations & Personnel Management


1.       Pharmacognosy

2.       Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Technology

3.       Pharmaceutical Chemistry

4.       Clinical Pharmacy & Bio pharmacy


1.       Biochemistry

2.       Botany

3.       Cell Biology & Genetics

4.       Chemistry

5.       Computer Sciences

6.       Geosciences

7.       Mathematics

8.       Marine Science

9.       Microbiology

10.   Physics

11.   Zoology

Social Sciences

1.       Economics

2.       Geography

3.       Mass Communication

4.       Psychology

5.       Political Science

6.       Sociology

Listed above are the various courses that are offered at the University of Lagos under their legitimate faculty.

As a student, researcher, and writer, you can easily get to the faculty in which your course is being offered physically to make inquiries without getting stranded as to which faculty your course falls under.

Also, students or aspiring students are requested to check the eligibility status of each course, and not forget to meet the criteria of the school as per eligibility and requirements.

Official cut of mark for Admission to the University of Lagos

The University of Lagos has a general cut of marks for students who wish to study there. The university admitting both arts and science students announced its general cut-off mark for aspiring students as 200.

These cut-off marks cover both the science and arts students. Also, you should understand that having or scoring 200 or above does not guarantee your admission as there are other important requirements and eligibility you must meet.

This makes the cut-off mark of 200 part of the requirements or prerequisite of admission consideration.

Student are advised to visit the school portal or visit the school premises so as to get updated information on their admission status.

Subject combination for admission at the University of Lagos

Studying at the University of Lagos falls under two major perspectives. You can study either as a

1.       Arts student

2.       Science student


These are students who choose arts courses or arts-related courses to study. Basically, their subject of study in their secondary school included

1.       Literature in English

2.       English language

3.       Government

4.       Commerce

5.       Financial Accounting

6.       Economics

7.       Mathematics

8.       Christian religious education

9.       Civic education etc.

As such their JAMB subject combination will be

1.       Mathematics

2.       Literature n the English language

3.       English language

4.       Government


These are student who studied science subjects or science-related subjects in their higher education which included

1.       Chemistry

2.       Physics

3.       Geography

4.       Mathematics

5.       English language

6.       Further mathematics

7.       Biology

8.       Economics etc.

Your subject combination for JAMB includes

1.       Physics

2.       Chemistry

3.       Mathematics

4.       English language


This article gives a brief overview of the University of Lagos, the faculties available at the university and the courses offered at the university.
It also highlights the cut-off mark for the University of Lagos and the subject combination for a student at the university.

For more information and inquiries you can log on to the school’s official website at

You can also drop a question or comment in the comment section to get updates or notifications on admission to the University of Lagos.

I wish you success in your application

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