LAUTECH's Departmental Cut-Off Marks For Admission Exercise
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LAUTECH’s Departmental Cut-Off Marks For 2024/2025 Admission Exercise

LAUTECH’s Departmental Cut-Off Marks – Do you know the cut-off mark of LAUTECH, and do you want to know? We have the answer to this question in this article today for you.

Therefore, in today’s article, those who are interested in knowing the cut-off mark will know it as you continue to read this article.

We will be discussing the general cut-off mark of the University and the departmental cut-off mark of the school, which is our main focus for today. So keep reading, as we begin the journey immediately.

LAUTECH's Departmental Cut-Off Marks For Admission Exercise

Is LAUTECH Post UTME Cut-off Mark Out?

For those of you who chose LAUTECH as your first choice institution and now want to know if their Post UTME screening exercise cut-off mark is out, yes, the cut-off mark is finally out, and all interested candidates can now access it on this page, because we have a break down of all the cut-off mark for all departments and faculties.

What Is The Cut-off Mark

In the context of academics, especially admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria, the cut-off mark means the accepted score range, that a particular University or polytechnic has set as a standard for admission of new students into various programs in the University.

What this implies is that any student unable to meet up with the accepted score, will not be allowed to partake in the Post UTME screening of the University.

One thing that candidates must understand is that they may have the general cut-off mark and be qualified for the Post UTME screening exercise, but that does not mean that the candidates will be offered admission until he/she meets up with the faculty/departmental cut-off mark of the school, which the most important.

Departmental Cut-Off Marks For 2024/2025 Admission Exercise

Here we are going to outline all the departments and faculties at LAUSTECH and all tiers of various cut-off marks.

Want to know the departmental cut-off mark of LAUTECH for the 2024/2025 academic session? It is a good decision for candidates who are seeking admission at the University to enquire about the cut-off mark of their prospective University, as this will enable them to know if they are qualified to register for the Post UTME screening exercise of the school.

This is to let you know the Lagos State University of Technology has released the general cut-off mark and the departmental cut-off mark for the 2024/2025 academic session to its prospective candidates.

Having said that, here are the various departmental cut-off marks for all the departments, and faculties.
The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences

Here is the cut-off mark for those in the faculty of Agriculture

  • Agricultural Economics: 180
  • Agricultural Extension and Rural Development: 180
  • Agricultural Engineering: 180
  • Animal Nutrition and Biotechnology: 180
  • Animal Production and Health: 180
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture: 180
  • Earth Science: 190
  • Crop and Environmental Protection: 180
Faculty of Management Sciences

The Faculty of Management Sciences students must score up to 180 and above

  • Economics: 190
  • Accounting: 200
  • Marketing: 180
  • Business Management: 200
  • Consumer and Home Economics: 180 
  • Transport Management: 180
The Faculty of Engineering Technology

For those in this faculty, you are expected to score up to, at least 200 and above.

  • Mechanical Engineering: 200
  • Electronic and Electrical Engineering: 200
  • Chemical Engineering: 200
  • Civil Engineering: 200
  • Computer Engineering: 200
  • Food Engineering: 180
  • Crop Production and Soil Science: 180
Faculty of Computing and Informatics
  • Computer Science: 210
  • Forest Resources Management: 180
  • Information System: 180
  • Faculty of Computing and Informatics
  • Cyber Security Science: 190Library and Information Science: 180
The Faculty of Food and Consumer Sciences
  • Nutrition and Dietetics: 220
  • Food Science: 180
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management: 180
Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences
  • Medical Laboratory Science: 250
  • Medicine: 270
  • Biochemistry: 230
  • Anatomy: 230
The Faculty of Nursing Science
  • Nursing: 260
Faculty of Social Sciences
  • English and Literary Studies: 190
  • History: 180
  • Philosophy: 180
  • Physiology: 230
  • Sociology: 180
The Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences
  • Pure and Applied Biology: 180
  • Pure and Applied Chemistry: 180
  • Pure and Applied Mathematics: 180
  • Pure and Applied Physics: 180
  • Science Laboratory Technology: 180
  • Statistics: 180
Faculty of Environmental Sciences
  • Surveying and Geoinformatics: 180
  • Urban and Regional Planning: 180
  • Wildlife and Ecotourism Management: 180
  • Fine and Applied Arts: 180
  • Estate Management: 180
  • Architecture: 200
  • Building: 190


LAUTECH General Cut-off Mark

What is the general cut-off mark that qualifies candidates to participate in the LAUTECH post-UTME screening exercise? As per being qualified for the Post UTME screening exercise, all the candidates are expected to score at least 180, but any score above 180 is going to be an added advantage to the candidates especially at the faculty and departmental level.


There is also a special privilege for lucky candidates, this is known as catchment area consideration. But you don’t have to depend on the catchment area if you know that factor will not benefit you.


We will stop our discussion here on LAUTECH’s Departmental Cut-Off Marks For the 2024/2025 Admission Exercise. We hope that you have been able to get all the details of the cut-off mark of LAUTECH either in the faculty/department or the general cut-off mark as well. Thank you for reading our article and we wish you success in your academic journey.

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