How to Verify a Car Plate Number in Nigeria (2023 Update)

In this article, we will be talking about car plate numbers, how you can verify a car plate number, and in a nutshell, how to check a car plate number using the federal road safety commission, FRSC official website, or any of the authenticated verification methods.

We all know that for any car to move around freely without any form of embarrassment from Road safety, the car must have gotten a plate number from the Federal Road safety commission (FRSC).

However, sometimes we do get a plate number from people who may claim to be one of the federal road safety of Nigeria workers, and in the end, it appears that they are fake agents.

So on that note, this article is here to show you how you can verify and check a car plate number without much stress.

Sometimes we may ask ourselves if we can actually verify a car plate number, is it legal or is it possible? Well as we talk more, and as you read more from these articles, you will get to find your answers. but let’s talk about the easiest way how to verify a plate number first.

How to verify a car plate number in Nigeria

How to Verify a Car Plate Number in Nigeria | Check CAR Plate Number

Below are the easiest ways to check a car plate number using the internet.

The steps are quite simple and easy. When you get to the internet, simply do the following:

Visit When you visit this site, plate numbers will be requested. Key in the plate number which you want to verify in the space given. Afterward, Click on the submit button.

When you have submitted, wait a while, now if the plate number was registered by the FRSC, all the information about the vehicle will pop up, but if it was not registered by the FRSC, there won’t be any information shown.

NOTE: If by chance, after checking for the information following the process, it doesn’t show any information, it is not too late to go to the nearest FRSC to report to the team about it, they know what to do, as it is their job.

Another way to check if your plate number is been verified apart from  using the internet is by SMS

I would say among the methods of checking for verified plate numbers, this is the easiest of all, because most people may not know how to use the internet, or may not have a better phone to get access to it.

In this case, they could simply use their phone to send a message which goes this way: when you get your phone, go to the SMS app, that is the Message app and create a message by typing ‘VerifyPlateNo’ without space from the “VerifyPlateNo”, after typing that, you type the plate number  When you are done typing the number, you send the message to 33324. Let me show you an example of what I mean:

“VerifyPlateNumber AKW647HE” then sent to 33324.

When you have typed and sent it to 33324, it will notify you if the plate number has been verified or not, meaning it may show it is successful or it could show it is failed.


Then the final method to check for verified plate number is by going to the FRSC’s office Itself

You could go to the FRSC for more information about the plate number, but before they can help you or attend to you, you must have your reason for wanting to check for that information. Without that, they may not be of help to you.

You could check or verify the plate number through Agency App

For those of you who want to use your phone to check instead of going to the Station, android and iPhone users, have a greater advantage.

Let me tell you what to do. For those of you using Android, simply check your play store and search for  FRSC App. Download the app, after which you can then install it. When it is done installing, you can open the app and have access to it.

What you will do is open the app, and there will be a space provided for you to key in your plate number, afterwards, clicks on the verify button, and it will show if your plate number has been verified or not.


How can my plate number be verified?

 You can use your phone sms to verify your plate number, what you will do is go to the SMS app, that is the Message app and create a message by typing ‘VerifyPlateNo’ without space from the “VerifyPlateNo”, after typing that, you type the plate number  When you are done typing the number, you send the message to 33324. Let me show you an example of what I mean:

“VerifyPlateNumber AKW647HE” then sent to 33324

Is there a way to check my Logos plate number?

For those who bought and registered tiger car plate numbers in Lagos, The state Government of Lagos has provided a way for Lagosians, they have provided a link in which fathers who registered their car plate numbers can check through that link. Let me share the link with you. 

If your car plate number was registered in Lagos or if you want to register your car plate number from Lagos, click the link and follow the instructions on it.

Is it possible to make my personal plate number?

Yes it is possible, but before you can make or get your car plate number, there are basic steps you need to take, I will state them down for you to know:

  • First thing first, you will need your driver’s license,

For those who do not have a driver’s license, you will need to apply for one. Go to any nearby federal road safety commission and apply for it, you will pay the sum of 10,000,

The permanent driver’s license may not be ready in that instance, but you will be given a temporary one to use. After 14 to 17 days, your permanent driver’s license will be ready.

  • The second thing you will be needing is some document that proves the car is yours before you can get your plate number.

You will have to fill out some forms that talk about the real owner of the car. And you have to complete the form and give all the necessary information that will be needed. With some proof of evidence like insurance papers, tax numbers, your car engine number, etc.

  • At this stage, all the information that was provided by you will be forwarded to the police station. 

The officer will then carry out their duties by inspecting your document, then giving approval for the car plate number.e

  • When all of that is done, that means you can proceed to make payment for the car plate number, which may cost up to N50,000 that also depends on the state or the type of car plate number you are demanding for.
  • Your car plate number will be handed to you.


I want to believe the above steps on how to verify your plate number were helpful. Those steps were quite easy and simple, just follow the steps using SMS or an App, or whichever you find easier, you can use it.

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