How to Start a Sport Jounalist Career in Nigeria
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How to Start a Sports Journalist Career in Nigeria (2024 Update)

How to Start a Sports Journalist Career in Nigeria – If I should become a sports journalist, How can I start? Are there steps to follow, to become a sports journalist?

If you have the intention to start a career as a sports journalist, and you do not know where to start or how to start, as the questions above indicate, then you really need to read this post, so that you can get details on how you can start and the things that you need to do, to start.

In this article, I will be sharing with you, all that you need to do or acquire before you start your career as a sports journalist, so don’t stop reading this post.

How to Start a Sport Jounalist Career in Nigeria

About Sports Journalism Career

Sport journalism career is a branch or an aspect of journalism, whereby a journalist research writes, and provide information to the people basically on the things that patterns to sport alone.

A career as a sports journalist requires a lot of dedication and time, to be able to come up with a nice craft.

What is Sports Journalism? Who is a sports journalist?

How to Start a Sports Journalist Career in Nigeria

The following headings are going to be used in explaining how you can start a career as a sports journalist. 

  1. A Journalism degree
  2. Have a Passion for sport
  3. Obtain journalism training
  4. Excellent skills
  5. Link up with other sports journalists in the field
  6. Consider taking a specialization in sport 
  7. Obtain journalism Experience 

In this section, I will use seven steps to explain, how you can become a sports journalist and make it your desired career. The steps and what you should do are all explained here for you.

Have a Passion for sport

The one and most important part of this career is that you must have an interest, and passion for sports before you even think of becoming a sports journalist. 

This is so important because if you don’t have a passion for sport, you will not give all you have for the career.

Link up with other sports journalists in the field

As a new sports journalist that you are, it is essential for you to get connected to those who have been in the field for a long time and have already gained experience.

Connecting with these sets of journalists will help you to learn so much within a space of time. It will help you to know where and when to do what at a particular point in time. 

A Journalism degree

You need to have a degree in journalism and communication, and or, English That is the first thing that you have to do as someone who is aspiring to become a sport journalist.

Having a degree in any of these fields will enable carry out your work perfectly. It will offer you a good foundation in writing, reading, critical thinking, and other skills necessary for your journalism career.

Excellent skills

This includes written skills communication skills, and many other skills that you need to do your work well. 

To become a good sports journalist, you need to have good and excellent writing skills. Apart from good writing skills, you also need to be good in spoken or communication skills.

Obtain journalism training

When you have gotten a degree in journalism, that does not mean that you are totally qualified for this, you have to engage in journalism training so as to gain profitable experience for your area of specialization which is in sport.

Obtain journalism Experience 

If you want to be considered for a good job that pays very well, it is essential for you to have an experience in the area of your specialization.

Most of the highly placed journalistic firms are seeking employees who have experience in the field.

 No organization wants to employ a naive in their professional business, so, it will be preferable you take some time and gather job experience, even if, it means working as a volunteer for them

Consider taking a specialization in sport 

Becoming a sports journalist is good if you have acquired all that is needed for the career, but at the same time, it is important for you to have an area of specialization so that you can be more focused.

You can choose to be a sports journalist for any of the following mediums;

  • A sports journalist for a magazine
  • A sports journalist for a broadcasting firm
  • A sports journalist for a newspaper
  • Or even a sports journalist for digital media.

FAQs on Sport Journalism

The following are some of the frequently asked questions about a sports journalist.

What are the disadvantages of being a sports journalist?

One of the drawbacks of a new sports journalist is that you will not earn much at the beginning of your career. You will need to work very hard, including holidays, and Christmas.

What are the skills of a sports journalist?

For you to do well in this career, you have to possess certain vital skills, they include:

  • Excellent writing skill
  • Good communication skill
  • You have to be creative
  • Have good knowledge of the sport
  • Ability to engage people in interviews
  • You must have research skills

What other areas of sports journalism can I go into?

Apart from the aforementioned areas, you can also specialize in any of the following:

  • Sub-editing
  • Press office work
  • Photography
  • Radio presenting
  • Website Editing
  • Regional journalism

What are the roles of a sports journalist?

  • Attending various sporting events, that are newsworthy
  • Provide coverage in real-time of an event
  • Ensure that stories and sources reported are accurate
  • Creating content across different media formats, 
  • Report sporting news for their media, whether newspaper, radio, online and television
  • Report an unbiased views through their stories 
  • Provide a comprehensive view of the event
  • Crafting content across various media


That is how you can start a career as a sports journalist. Follow the steps, and complete all the necessary requirements, and that will be it. I wish you well as you start your journey as a sports journalist.

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