How to Print Screen on Mac, Windows Pc, Chromebook

How to Print Screen on Mac, Windows Pc, or Chromebook

How to Print Screen on Mac, Windows Pc, or Chromebook? Most people would have wondered what it really means to print screens on Mac, Windows PC, and Chromebook.

While printing of screen means taking screenshots of your screen. Of course it is very possible you cannot print a screen of a phone because it is a device classified under hardware.

How to Print Screen on Mac, Windows Pc, Chromebook

Hardware is things that are visible to the eyes, they can be felt or touched. as such one cannot print hardware, you can only make a replica of hardware but cannot print it except you change it to a soft copy. you make a picture or take a picture of it.

Taking screenshots of your screen on your Mac, Windows PC, or Chromebook seems a bit difficult for some people. It might be shocking to reveal that even the highest rank of the person you might think is a professional in that field has little or no knowledge about it.

The creators and manufacturers of this product have foreseen all of this and know that at some point people will want to take a screenshot of their screens at any point in time.

This is one of the reasons people say that learning never ends. you might be a professional in your field and a novice in another field.

in this article, we will be discussing how to print screens on MAC, Windows PC, and Chrome.

How to Print Screen on Mac, Windows Pc, Chromebook

Firstly let me give a little explanation on the three Macs, Windows Pc, and Chromebook.


This is a product owned by Apple. It is said to be the third Laptop that is produced by Apple. this laptop came into existence in 2006. Although there are other models of laptops produced by apple.

But Mac book seems to be really trending because of its vast capabilities. It runs on a MacOS operating system by apple and it is widely known for its sleekness, quality, and strong and powerful hardware.

Windows PC

this is an operating system that allows you to work or use a computer, it is designed by Microsoft and marketed by Microsoft. it was launched on the 20th of November 1985.

Currently, windows use two types f programming languages C and C++. developed by Microsft operations, Skype communications, S.a.r.I Gladinet and WPP plc.

Windows is available in about 110 languages so far. the latest version of windows was released on the 24th of May 2022.


This is a laptop that is known to be lost cost alternative but runs with the Linux-based Chrome OS operating system. They are laptops from google that are alternatives to a windows laptop or a MacBook?

Chromebook was launched in the year 2011 on June 15th. it is owned by Google. we also have tablet Chromebooks.

The laptop is known for its speed, smartness, uniqueness, and security.

How to Print Screen 

There are many ways or methods you can use to take screenshots. you can an application that is installed on your computer, laptop, etc and you can also use short keys on your keyboard to take screenshots.

You should note that there is a screenshot that after taking you have to copy to the clipboard so you can access or view it.

we will be giving detailed explanations of each of them

How to print screen on MacBook

To take a screenshot or print screen on MacBook you follow the following steps

Full Screenshot

  1. You press and hold the shift button + the command button + the number 3
  2. to confirm that your screenshot has successfully been taken, you will see a thumbnail at the corner of the MacBook screen.
  3. you can click the preview if you want to edit or crop it. in cases where you do not want to edit it, you avoid pressing anything to enable it to be saved to your desktop.

Customized screenshot

  1. You press the Shift button + the command Butoon + the number 4 key at once.
  2. you will see a crosshair pointer on your screen. you will use that pointer by dragging it to carve out the areas or parts you want to screen print.
  3. If you want to move a selection you press the spacebar key
  4. If you want to cancel any selection, you can always press the escape key.

How to print screen on windows PC

The shortcuts to take screenshots on windows, follow the steps

  1. press and hold the windows key + the shift key + the S key at once.
  2. you will see a snipping bar like the + sign on your screen
  3. You select if you want a rectangular snip or a freeform snip, a window snip, or a fullscreen snip.
  4. select the area you want to capture if you don’t want a full-screen snip control it with the mouse pointer
  5. the screenshot will capture once you release the cursor. and it gets saved to your clipboard.
  6. you can always edit this snip later on any customized app of your choice.

If you are not using any of the current windows, you can always the Prtscn button to save your full screenshot to your clipboard.

You can also save and edit the snip n any customized application of your choice. you also use the Prtscn button with the windows key to capture and save screenshots on your computer directly.

How to take screenshots on your chrome book

To take screenshots on your chrome book you take the following steps

  1. press and hold the Shift key + the control key + the Windows key at once.
  2. you click using your cursor t drag the + to select the range you want
  3. your screenshot has successfully been capture.
  4. you can also use the power button and the volume down button together
  5. your screenshot has successfully been taken.


All screenshots taken are usually saved to the phone. it is either in the clipboard or the phone pictures.

You should also note that there are snipping apps, you can use to take the picture of your screen. Do not get confused when you are told to print the screen of your phone. it simply means to take screenshots of your screen.

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