Exxon Mobile Graduate Internship 2023/2024 Application Form

Exxon Mobile Graduate Internship: Are you a graduate and have been longing to take part in an internship with ExxonMobil company, but don’t know how to go about it? Well, it is our responsibility to assist you through the application to Exxonmobil — one of the world’s largest publicly traded energy and chemical companies.

This is to inform the general public and most especially university graduates who are interested in the Exxonmobil internship that the Exxonmobil Graduate Internship 2023/2024 Application Form is now out and concerned individuals are invited to pick up their form and apply for the internship.

Exxon Mobile Graduate Internship Application Form

About ExxonMobil

The Exxonmobile is of the most popular oil and gas producing company in Nigeria and the world at large. It has been in operation for over 60 (sixty years). The graduate internship at Exxonmobile is an avenue that is created to help Nigerian graduates to learn work experience in their different fields of endeavor inasmuch as it is within the circumference of the Exxonmobile operations.

In that regard, the management of the company is inviting applicants who are interested to become professionals to be part of her Environmental and Property Solutions (Catering) department and other safety, security, environment, and healthcare professionals who are ready to learn from experienced professionals in different areas and become potential oil and gas gurus too.

Leading energy innovations that advance modern living and a net-zero future, is the vision of ExxonMobil. As a result of the talent, curiosity, and drive of people in the company, ExxonMobil has got hold of good success in her Upstream and has achieved Product Solutions and Low Carbon Solutions in businesses.

The internship gives applicants the opportunity to learn from experts in different career fields in our world-class organization. 

It is an opportunity to think independently

Grow to your full potential

Help shape the future of energy

Exxon Mobile Graduate Internship Trainee Responsibilities

As an intern trainee, there are work roles that will be given to you to complete, so in this section, we are going to look at such responsibilities. The work role may vary. However, the responsibilities may include but are not limited to the below mentioned:

  • Assist in Meal sheets
  • Or request for Service verification
  •  You can be asked to inspect documentation.
  • Tracking of  daily Platforms requests/complaints
  • Help in Platforms Menu tracking compliance.
  • Collation of weekly reports and key performance indicators.

Exxon Mobile Graduate Internship Qualifications/Requirements

  • Applicants must be a Nigerian citizen
  • Applicant must hold a BSc or BA in Business Administration.
  • A minimum grade of the graduate is Second Class, Upper division (2:1)
  • Must be a graduate not later than 2019 to date
  • Have finished the National Youth Service Corps scheme
  •  NYSC’s year of service should not be earlier than 2021.
  • Must be proficient computer  literate
  • Can use the Micro Soft Word and other applications.
  • Have knowledge of Food Safety and certifications
  • Have a background in catering operations
  • Must have a transcript
  • Must have a cover letter 
  • Must have a minimum of 5 credits including English and Maths in their O’level Certificates
  • Must possess soft skills
  • Relevant Hard skills

Required Experience 

As a trainee, not much work experience is required from you. But applicants must acquire some basic work experience such as the ones listed down below:

  • Proficiency in general Medical Laboratory practice
  • Must have a specialty in one or two of Microbiology or Chemistry
  • Good bedside nursing skills and records keeping
  • Excellent Interpersonal and Communication
  • Exceptional problem-resolution and counseling skills
  • Commitment to high standards and timeliness
  • Proficiency in the use of computer software
  • Ability in e-mail applications
  • Good presentation skills

Application Procedure for Exxon Mobil Internship

These are the steps you should follow if you are interested in applying for the ExxonMobile internship recruitment:

  • On the table, select the job you wish to apply for
  • To view the job description, click on the https://jobs.exxonmobil.com 
  • Please read and understand the description to be sure you are qualified.
  • State your qualifications and ensure your resume is a good match
  • Follow the Method of Application provided and apply 

Benefits of the Exxon Mobil Internship 

As a Graduate Intern, there are a lot of things you will learn that will shape your working experience, such as: 

  • Full participation in the Company’s one-year graduate internship program
  • Fulfillment of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Contributing in fresh graduates’ professional development
  • Get exposed to the benefits and experience of working in a multinational organization

Available Internship Positions and Details on How to Apply

Below are the various positions that are available and their locations. Some are based in Lagos while some are based in Port Harcourt.

  1. ExxonMobil Corporation Graduate Internship:

Environmental and Property Solutions – Catering Lagos state

To apply Click Here 

2. ExxonMobil Corporation Graduate Internship:

Catering, Port Harcourt

To apply click Click Here 

3. ExxonMobil Corporation Graduate Internship 2023:

4. Environmental and Property Solutions – Major Project

To apply Click Here

5. ExxonMobil Corporation Graduate Internship:

Planning and Operations 

To apply Click Here 

6. ExxonMobil Corporation Graduate Internship:

Medical Science – Laboratory Scientist 2023

To apply Click Here

Major Career Field at ExxonMobil

Here are some of the career areas you can apply for;

  • Technical and administrative support
  • Geoscience
  • Commercial and business
  • Engineering
  • Information technology
  • Accounting, finance, and tax
  • Human resources
  • Project management
  • Operations
  • Research and technology
  • Health, safety, security, and environment

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Application Deadline

The management of ExxonMobil has not specified the date for the closing of the internship recruitment.

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In summary, please don’t forget that Exxonmobil has different positions you can apply for such as medical science, planning and operations, catering, and laboratory science. We also outline the experience that applicants need to have, the eligibility criteria, application requirements, qualifications of the applicants, the role each of them is to play in the course of the internship, and application procedures.

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