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Eastern Polytechnic Post UTME Result for 2024/2025 Academic Session

Eastern Polytechnic Post UTME Result 2024/2025  – The faculty and administration of Eastern Polytechnic are delighted to announce the release of the post-UTME results for the 2024/2025 academic admissions. We extend our warmest greetings to all aspiring candidates and encourage you to check your results to determine your admission status.

To facilitate this process, we have provided essential details, the official institution link, and a comprehensive guide.

This article aims to provide you with comprehensive guidance on accessing Global Polytechnic’s post-UTME results and address commonly asked questions from applicants.

Eastern Polytechnic Post UTME Result
Eastern Polytechnic Post UTME Result

A Detailed Insight into Eastern Polytechnic

Situated in the heart of our vibrant community, Eastern Polytechnic is a shining example of academic excellence and innovation. As a distinguished private polytechnic, it is dedicated to upholding the highest standards while offering an array of programs to meet the diverse needs of its students.

Eastern Polytechnic takes great pride in presenting different spheres of academic programs. These encompass national diploma programs, higher national diploma programs, and skill acquisition programs.

Their programs are carefully crafted to provide students with not just the technical expertise sought after in today’s job market but also the managerial and entrepreneurial skills necessary for success.

They are deeply committed to nurturing a culture of academic excellence. Our team of experienced educators is focused on delivering top-tier education and hands-on training to prepare students for the challenges of modern careers.

This school is located in Port Harcourt, the first private polytechnic in Rivers State. Established in the year 2008 and is dedicated to adult and young learners.

Having received accreditation from the Federal Ministry of Education and the National Board for Technical Education

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Where can I access the Post UTME Result of the Eastern Polytechnic?

The post-UTME result of the Eastern Polytechnic is made available online on the student portal. Each candidate is to check the school portal for their post-UTME result. To get this they need to have the requirements as listed below.

Requirements for checking the Eastern Polytechnic post-UTME result

To check the Eastern Polytechnic post-UTME result, you need the following result

  1. A Stable Data Connection
  2. Registered Phone Number
  3. A Valid Email Address
  4. An Official School Link
  5. Your candidate’s password

What is the official link for checking the Eastern Polytechnic post-UTME result?

The official link for checking the Eastern Polytechnic post-UTME result is made available through the school website. The details include

Official link to the website @https://easternpolytechnic.org/

Official link to the portal @https://lms.highperd.com.ng/

Official link to application @https://easternpolytechnic.org/LMS-admission-form/

Official link to checking admission @https://admissionchecker.easternpolytechnic.org/

Official contacts @+234 803 288 3338, +234 803 759 3316, +234 810 806 7725, +234 705 082 4266

Official Email address @info@easternpolytechnic.org

A step-by-step guide to checking the Eastern Polytechnic Post UTME Result

The following is the step-by-step guide to checking your post-UTME result as a candidate of the Eastern Polytechnic

  1. Using your preferred Browser log in to https://admissionchecker.easternpolytechnic.org/
  2. Input your Jamb Reg. No
  3. Input your candidate’s password
  4. Click on the login button
  5. You are advised to download the post-UTME result and also print it for future purposes.

If you have met the cut-off point and requirements you will be given admissions which will also reflect on your dashboard. You are to print your school admissions letter from the school portal.


This is a brief explanation of the shortest way to check your post-UTME result as a candidate of the Eastern Polytechnic. For more information and inquiries you can visit the school’s official website. You can also drop a comment or question in the comment box below

Frequently Asked Questions

As a graduate of statistics where can I work?

  1. Data analysis and research firms
  2. Government agencies (e.g., Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  3. Healthcare organizations (e.g., hospitals and research institutions)
  4. Financial institutions (e.g., banks and investment firms)
  5. Market research companies
  6. Consulting firms
  7. Technology companies
  8. Pharmaceutical companies
  9. Insurance companies
  10. Retail corporations
  11. Sports analytics organizations
  12. Environmental agencies
  13. Educational institutions
  14. Social media companies
  15. Non-profit organizations
  16. Advertising agencies
  17. Gaming and entertainment companies
  18. Transportation and logistics companies
  19. Manufacturing and quality control
  20. Real estate and property management
  21. Agriculture and agribusiness
  22. Energy companies
  23. Meteorology and climate research
  24. Telecommunications companies
  25. Food and beverage industry
  26. Forensic science and law enforcement
  27. Human resources departments
  28. Travel and tourism industry
  29. Political campaigns and polling organizations
  30. Retail analytics and e-commerce companies
  31. Urban planning and development
  32. Social services agencies
  33. Data science and machine learning companies
  34. Genetic and biotechnology research
  35. Behavioral economics research
  36. Epidemiology and public health
  37. Oil and gas exploration and analysis
  38. Survey research firms
  39. Quality assurance and testing companies
  40. Investment and asset management
  41. Actuarial science in insurance
  42. Space exploration and astronomy research
  43. Geospatial and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) companies
  44. Population and demography research
  45. Gaming and casino industry
  46. Cybersecurity and network analysis
  47. Human-computer interaction research
  48. Remote sensing and satellite imagery analysis
  49. Environmental conservation organizations
  50. Risk assessment and management


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