Best Beginning Child Care Scholarship Program Application Update
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Best Beginning Child Care Scholarship Program 2023 Application Update

Best Beginning Child Care Scholarship Program  – Do you know that as a child you can have access to child care services? Most time we find children loitering on the street and being homeless because of a lack of information. Even as a stranger, you can always get them registered into a child care scholarship program as a medium of help to them.

They may not be able to get care for themselves and of course, most do not know this kind of program exists. The more reason for this article.

Best Beginning Child Care Scholarship Program Application Update

We have platforms like the best beginning child care scholarship offering child care services to kids who are from poor families or children whose parents are not available to take care of them or carter for their basic needs, especially the girl child.

Before we delve into the application process and updates or the requirement of the best beginning child care let’s take an overview of this great organization

Overview of Best Beginning Child Care

This a program that is developed and managed by the government of Montana state. The early childhood services Bureau offers this scholarship to families that have children who receive child care from a child care center that is licensed.

This scholarship is also available to families that have less than 185% FPG (federal poverty guidelines) and TANF(temporary assistance for needy families).

The BBCC child care takes care of children during working hours, school or training hours teens attending high school, etc.

About Montana

This is a state that is located in the United States of America. It is known to be the fourth-largest state when talking about are and the eighth-most populous state.

Montana has its capital as Helena.  It was admitted to the Union of States on the 8th of November 1889. The state has it, governor, Greg Gianforte, and its lieutenant-governor as Kristen Juras, it practices a bicameral legislature where we have the upper house and the lower house ( senate and the House of Representatives).

It has a total population of 1,122,867 and is ranked the 43 most populous state globally. The official language used here is English language and people living here are called Montanan which is traditionally abbreviated as Mont.

Apart from the official language we have about 14 non-English languages that are also spoken in Montana. It has a university system, different tribal colleges, and about four private colleges.

Best Beginning Child Care Scholarship Program Application Update

Documents needed for the best beginning child care scholarship application

  1. Application letter
  2. Adult household member information
  3. Work verification release
  4. School training/verification release
  5. Child care service plan
  6. Child support compliance verification certificate
  7. Rights to appeal procedures documents
  8. Self-employment verification
  9. Photo identification
  10. Residency verification
  11. Birth certificates
  12. US citizenship
  13. Work schedule
  14. Proof of income
  15. Self-employed individuals

Things to Do In Order To Be Able To Apply

  1. Have an eligible source of income
  2. You have to meet the employment and training requirements of the organizations
  3. Have to align and cooperate with child care support enforcement
  4. Have a social security number
  5. Open an Okta account
  6. Get a personalized password and username

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Two parents for the families will be working for a minimum of one hundred and twenty (120) hours every month
  2. In case of single parents, he or she shall work for a minimum of sixty (60) hours every month
  3. In cases where the parents (either single or both) are attending school or have full-time training, they are not subjected to meet the work requirement of the organization.
  4. In case where the parents (either single or both) are attending school or have part-time training, he or she will meet the work requirements which will account for the education and training.
  5. Children who are teens must be those attending high school or pursuing a high school equivalent program

How to Apply for the Best Beginning Child Care Support Scholarship

  1. Using your preferred browser, log in to the application portal of the best-beginning childcare scholarship @
  2. Click on submit an application and if you have already started an application you can click on return to the application
  3. As a new user, you are to create an account and for the person that already started the application, you can now sign in. You can also use employee sign in
  4. Creating an account as a new user you will provide a valid email, a personalized password, your first name, and your last name
  5. Click on the register button
  6. Once your registered you will be able to access a dashboard and you can start your application process.
  7. You are advised to follow the guidelines carefully to avoid errors in the application process as this may delay your application process or lead to automatic disqualification
  8. Fill out the forms stating
  9. The primary reason you are applying for the childcare assistance
  10. Who is the party responsible
  11. The list of family members or adult household members the child household members
  12. Income
  13. Deductions
  14. An authority to release information,
  15. Spouse or any other related adult

Application Process

The child care scholarship from best beginning collect application and from the closing date it takes approximately 30 days to process the application.

For  persons that are eligible, they will be able to get and enjoy their benefits a few days after their signed application has been submitted if they have given their required documents

Types of Best Beginning Applications

  1. TANF-WCR application
  2. NON-TANF application(note that this is specifically for those who are not currently enrolled In the TNF)

Application support and assistance

In cases where you have issues with your application, the BBCCS has made provision for assistance. All applicants who have this issue are asked to contact them at (406) 587-7786.

Applicants or clients who are from Spanish-speaking countries can also contact the service support number.


This article gives you everything you need to know about the Best beginning child care scholarship. A brief overview, things needed, required documents, eligibility status, the application process, and the link for the application

It also lists the two basic applications we have at the BBCCS. For more information and inquiries you can visit the BBCCS official website at BBCCS


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