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Al-Hikam Polytechnic UTME Result For 2024/2025

Al-Hikam Polytechnic Post UTME Result  – Are you a student of the Al-Hikam Polytechnic?, Are you aware of the post-UTME result checking?, Did you partake in the post-UTME examination? do you have access to the result-checking portal? Are you aware of the requirements needed to check the post-UTME result? do you know the school’s official link to result checking? 

All of this and even the most frequently asked questions of the candidates of the Al-Hikam Polytechnic is what we will be discussing in the course of our article. 

However, before we dive into the subject matter, let’s take a brief overview of this polytechnic

Overview Of The Al-Hikam Polytechnic 

This is a private polytechnic that has a university institution. It is known as one of the best because of its academic standards. Producing thousands of professionals in different fields. This polytechnic is located in kilometer 5, Rafin, Kwara state off Abuja Keffo expressway, Nassaraw state. This institution has several social media handles which include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

They produce global-ready graduates. The four schools available in this polytechnic include Applied arts and science, business management, engineering technology, and environmental studies 

however this institution gained approval for the commencement of academic activities in 2016 and started full operation in 2017 with three departments. The school has its aid down and working objectives which it uses to produce sustainable results.  

For more information and inquiries you can visit the school’s official page at

Is The Al-Hikam Polytechnic Post-UTME Result Out?

This is one of the most trending questions among students of this polytechnic, this is because quite a several students who participated in the training wish to know what to accept admission and when to check results. 

Currently, the polytechnic is still accepting applications/registration of candidates who are yet to register. The school is currently opening to the person who have registered the Al-Hikam Polytechnic as their first choice,. The institution is open for registration to only eligible candidates. 

Once the registration/application process is over, students can now check for their dates of school for post-UTME exercise and post-UTME results. 

You can always hit the comment button below this article if you wish to get updates on the result

How Can I Access The Post-UTME Result Of The Al-Hikam Polytechnic?

The post-UTME result of this polytechnic is made available in the school portal. This is to say it is available online for all candidates who registered and had partaken in the screening exercise to check. 

All you need is the basic requirement for checking your result status and you are good to go.

What Is The Official Portal For Checking The Al-Hikam Polytechnic Post-UTME Result?

The official portal for checking this polytechnic result is made available online through the school polytechnic website. All you need do is log in to the website select poly and scroll to the  student portal and you are one step away from your result

What Are The Requirements Needed To Check post-UTME Results On The Al-Hikam Polytechnic Portal?

The following are the requirements needed to check the school’s UTME result

  1. Your jamb registration number 
  2. Your candidates pasword 
  3. A registered email address
  4. A registered phone number 
  5. A valid school link
  6. An active data connection 

A Step-by-Step Guide To Checking The Post-UTME Result of The Al-Hikam Polytechnic 

  1. Using your preferred browser, log in to the school’s official portal at  
  2. Type in your jamb registration number 
  3. Provide your candidate’s password 
  4. Click on the login button. 

You have to note that the password provided should be the same as the one you used during your registration or application. 

In cases of a forgotten password, you can provide a registered phone number or email address to receive the recovery link or code of the account. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the courses that a student can study in school?

Various courses can be studied in school and the list includes 

  1. . Medicine
  2. Engineering
  3. Computer Science
  4. Psychology
  5. Business Administration
  6. Economics
  7. History
  8. Political Science
  9. Biology
  10. Chemistry
  11. Physics
  12. Mathematics
  13. English Literature
  14.  Philosophy
  15. Sociology
  16. Anthropology
  17. Environmental Science
  18. Nursing
  19. Education
  20. Architecture
  21. Graphic Design
  22. Music
  23. Film Studies
  24. Criminal Justice
  25. Law
  26. Environmental Engineering
  27. Marketing
  28. Journalism
  29. Public Health
  30. Nutrition
  31. Geology
  32. Astronomy
  33. Linguistics
  34. Social Work
  35. International Relations
  36. Creative Writing
  37. Art History
  38. Electrical Engineering
  39. Mechanical Engineering
  40. Aerospace Engineering
  41. Urban Planning
  42. Biotechnology
  43. Chemistry
  44. Sports Science
  45. Archaeology
  46. Marine Biology
  47. Culinary Arts
  48. Fashion Design
  49. Theater Arts
  50. Veterinary Medicine


This article is a brief guide to checking the UTME results of the Al-Hikam Polytechnic located in Nassarawa state. It gives the requirements and some answers to frequently asked questions of the student. 

For more information and inquiries you can visit the school’s official page at

You can also drop a comment in the comment section below to get updates on the necessary steps to follow and when the admission list is out. 

I wish you the very best of success in your educational journey.

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