Ajayi Polytechnic Post UTME Result 2023/2024
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Ajayi Polytechnic Post UTME Result For 2024/2025

Ajayi Polytechnic Post UTME Result – The management and staff of the Ajayi Polytechnic wish to inform all prospective candidates of the 2024/2025 admissions that the post-UTME result is out and is available for checking. 

All candidates are hereby advised to check their results to know their stand. 

To check this post-UTME result, you need the requirements, the official school link, and the step-by-step guide. To this end, this article aims to give you all you need to log in to the Ajayi Polytechnic post-UTME checker and also give answers to the most frequently asked questions asked by candidates of the polytechnic. 

But before delving into the subject matter, let’s take a brief overview of the Ajayi Polytechnic.

Overview Of The Ajayi Polytechnic 

This is an entrepreneurship and innovation polytechnic. A private polytechnic with a touch of class and standards. It offers national diploma programs, higher national diploma programs and also provides Skill Acquisition Center program

This is a  polytechnic that is solely focused on providing its graduates with the technical and managerial skills needed to groom them in their different fields for different entrepreneurial organizations. 

The courses offered in this program include Statistics, business administration and management, laboratory science and technology, office technology management, accountancy, computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, etc. 

For more information and inquiries you can visit the school’s official page at  https://ajayipolytechnic.edu.ng/


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Where Can I Access The Ajayi Polytechnic Post-UTME Result?

The post-UTME result of the polytechnic is usually made accessible to all candidates on the school portal online and not pasted as misinformed

This result can be accessed through the school’s official website. All you need to do is to launch the school website and click on admission and then portal, you will see the student/ candidates portal and then you click on login.

You can also access this portal through this platform by clicking on https://ajayipolytechnic.edu.ng/.

How Can I Access The Post-UTME Result Of The Ajayi Polytechnic?

The post-UTME results of the Ajayi Polytechnic can be accessed through the school’s official link. The official school link that can access the portal of the Ajayi Polytechnic is https://ajayipolytechnic.edu.ng/login 

This portal can only be accessed if you have the basic requirements. That is your login details. You can check the list of requirements needed to check your post-UTME result below.

Requirement For Checking The Ajayi Post-UTME Result

The following are the things needed to check the post-UTME result of the Ajayi Polytechnic.  

  1.  A stable internet connection
  2. The school’s official link
  3. Your application ID
  4. Your jamb registration number
  5. A registered email address

You have to note that most of the requirements listed above help to retrieve lost credentials like the password or login ID. Also, you have to note that the password, email address, and phone are the same or should be the same as what you registered or applied with. Any Other You Are Trying To Retrieve With Will Not Work As Needed.

 A Step-by-Step Guide to Checking the Ajayi post-UTME Result

  1. Using your preferred browser log in to https://ajayipolytechnic.edu.ng/login
  2. You have to input your application ID
  3. Also, input your password (this is usually case-sensitive)
  4. Confirm the information you have provided.
  5. Click on the login button
  6.  In cases of forgotten password click on the forgotten password and follow the prompt providing every necessary detail.
  7. You are to download and print the result if you have met the cut-off mark and have been offered provisional admission into the polytechnic.
  8.  Print  and also have photocopies of the original for reference purposes
Frequently Asked Questions 

List of places a law graduate can work 

  1. Law Firms
  2. Government Agencies
  3. Courts
  4. Corporate Legal Departments
  5. Public Interest Organizations
  6. Legal Aid Clinics
  7. In-House Counsel for Companies
  8. Public Defender’s Office
  9. District Attorney’s Office
  10. Judgeships
  11. Legal Publishing Companies
  12. Mediation and Arbitration Firms
  13. Human Resources Departments
  14. Immigration Services
  15. Environmental Protection Agencies
  16. Labor Unions
  17. Law Schools (Teaching and Research)
  18. Regulatory Agencies
  19. Real Estate Firms
  20. Nonprofit Organizations
  21. Tax Consultancies
  22. Private Investigation Firms
  23. Intellectual Property Law Firms
  24. International Organizations (e.g., UN, WTO)
  25. Compliance Departments in Corporations
  26. Criminal Investigation Units
  27. Family Court Services
  28. Entertainment and Media Companies
  29. Healthcare Institutions
  30. Financial Institutions
  31. Sports Organizations
  32. Lobbying and Advocacy Groups
  33. Alternative Dispute Resolution Companies
  34. Legal Tech Startups
  35. Risk Management Firms
  36. Social Work Agencies
  37. Cybersecurity Companies
  38. Estate Planning Firms
  39. Public Policy Research Organizations
  40. Energy Companies
  41. Franchise Law Firms
  42. Food and Drug Administration
  43. Land Development Firms
  44. Consumer Protection Agencies
  45. Municipal and Local Government
  46. Military (JAG Corps)
  47. Internet and Tech Companies
  48. Forensic Accounting Firms
  49. Legal Compliance Consultancies
  50. International Trade Law Firms


This is a complete guide to checking the post-UTME result of the Ajayi result. Also, it answers frequently asked questions of most candidates.

For more information and inquiries you can visit the school’s official page at

You can also send an email to the school at ajayipolytechnic@gmail.com or call their WhatsApp number at 09067665924.

Also, you can drop a comment in the comment section below and we will get to update you on when the school releases its admissions list and other important updates.

All candidates are advised to beware of fraudsters in any form pretending to he tem carry out academic activities. I wish you success in your educational career.

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