5 Ways To Get Over A Girl You Love Quickly
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5 Ways To Get Over A Girl You Love Quickly – KNOW NOW

5 Ways To Get Over A Girl You Love Quickly – There is nothing as frustrating as not having to talk, smile, play, or call someone you once cherished. Especially people that have been part of your life.

There are two things that can separate a loved one, either you have been served breakfast or you guys decide to part ways because you feel you are not compatible.

Most times people get to realize that they are not compatible after spending years together, you come to realize that it’s necessary they split maybe on health grounds.

5 Ways To Get Over A Girl You Love Quickly

Another is when the other party is not giving the same energy as the other and as such has other persons keeping her vibes

It can be embarrassing especially if the girl was really known and you might be thinking of what people will think, what they will say and etc. it might just be that there is something she is yet to let go and you can’t keep up with it, you choose to work over for your peace of mind and happiness.

Thinking of how you will stay without her? or Thinking of how you could lay without her? thinking of ways to get rid of her thoughts so fast? Or are you thinking of things to lay your hands on to get you so occupied that you will barely have time for her thoughts?

While it is quite unfortunate we don’t plan for periods like this but shit happens and we have to move. In this article, we will talk extensively about how to get over a girl you love quickly.

We will be giving you five important ways you can get over her quickly no matter how emotionally tight both of you might have been and how long you might have stayed together.

5 Ways to Get Over A Girl You Love Quickly

The five major ways you can get over a girl you love quickly include:

  1. Try to point out her fault and avoid But’s
  2. Get engaged with work and start avoiding her
  3. Stop doing things in her favor or listening to her bidding
  4. Focus on yourself
  5. Think about your future

Try to point out her fault and avoid But’s

This is the very first thing you need to do right from the very first day you plan of leaving her or she served you breakfast. There are certain things that she might be doing to you which are certainly affecting you negatively but you can’t see because you are beclouded with love. So you need to point out most of her actions you don’t like.

Consider yourself to deserve more than what you are getting, also get to know that someone who loves you back the way you do would always do things to please you and not hurt you.

Avoid but because in the course of it, you might be giving excuses for her “But I love her so much”, “but we are married” etc.

There is a reason for everything and trust me once that is in existence there is nothing you will do to satisfy her so instead of striping yourself of happiness and etc. you let it go.

Get Engaged with Work and start avoiding her

You have to redirect your attention to work and try as much as possible to be positive. Try fixing focus on something more productive. Search for new discoveries and also get to meet new people and have another fresh air.

Start seeing her less, reduce your affection or urge of wanting to be with her, see her, and also call her.

You can choose to change your environment so as to help you keep up with your new engagements. Definitely, if she didn’t deserve you she will be in another arms by now so the earlier you fix your life and move on the better for you.

Get to see her occasionally, spend less time, get to decline her calls, and urge of being with her. I know this is sounding almost impossible but trust me it is very necessary.

you don’t just need to avoid her n person but her calls, pictures, and social media page will you are able to get over her.

Stop Doing Things in Her Favor or Listening To Her Bidding

There are some girls that enjoy hurting a guy and then making you beg for their forgiveness over what they actually did.

It is very rampant that she does something you caution her and in the end you find yourself begging for forgiveness.

Uncle she is whining about your intelligence. Get to realize this and let your yes e yes and your no be no. things you would do for her before, stop doing it this includes buying her gifts, dropping her off work, taking her to the spa, or saloon, sending her money on demand, etc.

Things that make her happy try to avoid it since she is outing your happiness in jeopardy. Giver her space bro, let her understand you mean it

Listen less to her pleadings and biddings. She tells her this is what she wants you to tell this is what you want. Deny her something and ask her to fetch herself what she needs.

This is to make her realize your usefulness to her and if it not working let it slide and try to build yourself

Focus On Yourself

Get to work on yourself, your happiness and peace of mind is your priority, have a free mind, and get to eat good food. Relax, watch movies, and sit out with friends.

Get your job r work more seriously, get to see how to develop yourself more, or the next things you should invest your finances on for it to grow.

You can choose travel to meet new developments and just then you will realize there is a lot you have been losing to the relationship.

Some guys do actually sacrifice their happiness to impress their girls but trust me most of them aren’t worth it.

When it’s time to leave she will leave without considering your time, effort and might even pay you back with evil.

Focus on your self-development, things you can do to make yourself better, the next stage of life you should be aiming at, and how to get there

Think about your future

The kind of girl you wish for is actually out there waiting for you. So if you feel you tried you have done a lot for her rightly and you were still served breakfast move on with your life.

Get to build your future and in it you will find the right woman who will do good for you.

Stop trying to tag along with persons who are not helping climb the ladder of your future well. Get there and bring her in.

Your future is a priority. Develop self-love. Spend time with your family member, if none get new friends, and open your mind to love again.


This article gives five important ways a guy can get over a woman they love quickly. Focus on yourself, develop self-love, and take your happiness as a priority and you are good to go.

You can look for dates as time goes on different social events and get your life on the move.

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