Covenant University Courses and Tuition Fees 2023/2024 Academic Session

Covenant University Courses and Tuition Fees – Prospective students of Covenant University, Ota, who have been seeking and waiting for the release of the school fee schedule of the institution, this article is for you.

One of the most-rated tertiary institutions in Nigeria is Covenant University, and we are glad to let you know that the management of the school has published its school fee schedule for the 2023/2024 academic session. 

It has also released the available courses/programs that it is running for the 2023/2024 academic session of the school. The management of Covenant University Ota is inviting all interested and suitably qualified candidates to forward their applications for the 2023/2024 academic session.

Covenant University Courses & Tuition Fees

However, in this article, you will find out how much fresh and return students of Covenant University will pay as tuition fees, and the available courses offered at the institution too. All of these, and many more you will find in this article today.

How Much is Covenant University Tuition Fees?

Now that we have listed out all the items that contribute to the sum total of the Covenant University tuition fees, let us now move straight to exactly how much the tuition fee is for all the students, both Nigerian and international students of the school. Many more, are what you will see in this article, as you keep reading.

Covenant University Tuition Fees Charges Breakdown

Covenant University students should take note of the following breakdown. It is a breakdown of all the charges that make up the fees that are to be paid by the students. Now let us see some of those items that when you sum them all up, will give you the fees here:

  • Tuition/exam/registration fee = N472,000 
  • Hostel Accommodation fee = N185,000
  • Utility Fee ( per session  = 75,000 
  • ICT D
    • Development fund =  N25,000)
    • Labs/workshop/studio fee = (N40,000)
    • ICT training fee = N30,000
    • Virtual library =  N15,000
    • Wireless internet = N15,000;
    • Matriculation = N15,000
    • Identification Card fee = N15,000
    • Results verification =  N5,000
    • TMC kit fee = N15,000.
    • EDS fee (across the board) = N6,000 
    • College Dues = N2,000.
    • Field trip – N7,500
    • Caution Fee = N25,000
    • Book =  N15,000
    • Medical deposit = N10,000
    • Medical Test = N15,000
    • Engineering students’ Lab coat and tool =  N25,000 
    • Biochemistry, Microbiology students Lab coat and tool = N7,000

Covenant University Courses & Tuition Fees 2023 Academic Session

As per the courses and tuition fees of Covenmamt University students, we are going to discuss them concurrently. That means we will list the courses and at the same time attach the fees that students of those courses will pay. That will be applicable to both Nigerian students’ fees and international students as well.

This is a question that many prospective students of Covenant University have been asking, and that is a good question anyways. So if you are on the list of those who are seeking to know how much Covenant University students are to pay as their school fees, then scroll down to the table below. The table list all the tuition fees for all the courses offered at the University.

Covenant University Tuition Fees Breakdown Table

This table is a breakdown that explains the total school fees of all the students of Covenant University. It includes the fees of all the courses offered at the institution. So all the students are hereby advised to carefully read through this table to find out what their school fees are.

Table 1: Local (Nigerian) Students Tuition Fees Breakdown 

This table is the tuition fee breakdown for local (Nigerian) students of Covenant University.

S/N Course/Programs Tuition Fee Amount
1 Accounting ₦977,500.00
2 Banking and Finance ₦937,500.00
3 Business Administration ₦937,500.00
4 Demography and Social Statistics ₦937,500.00
5 Economics ₦937,500.00
6 Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management ₦937,500.00
7 International Relations ₦977,500.00
8 Marketing ₦937,500.00
9 Policy and Strategic Studies ₦977,500.00
10 Political Science ₦977,500.00
11 English Language ₦977,500.00
12 Psychology/Counselling ₦977,500.00
13 Sociology ₦937,500.00
14 Mass Communication /Public Relations and Advert ₦977,500.00
15 Architecture ₦977,500.00
16 All Engineering Courses ₦1,002,500.00
17 Computer Science ₦977,500.00
18 Biochemistry ₦984,500.00
19 Microbiology ₦984,500.00
20 Industrial Physics / Mathematics ₦984,500.00
21 Industrial Chemistry ₦977,500.00
22 Building Technology     ₦977,500.00
23 Management Information Systems ₦977,500.00
24 Estate Management ₦977,500.00
25 Biology ₦977,500.00


Table 2: Foreign Students Tuition Fees Breakdown 

Do you know that Covenant University foreign students pay their tuition fees in foreign currencies such as dollars?  In this section, we are going to list the tuition fees for all the foreign students of the institution. So if you know that you are an international or foreign student, find out how much your tuition fee is here in Table 2 (Two).

This table is the tuition fee breakdown for foreign students of Covenant University.

S/N Course Amount
1 Accounting 6,886 dollars
2 Banking & Finance 6,183 dollars
3 Business Administration 6,112 dollars
4 Economics 6,176 dollars
5 Industrial Rel. & HRM     6,053 dollars
6 International Relations 6,305 dollars
7 Marketing 6,187 dollars
8 Policy and Strategic Stud. 6,305 dollars
9 Political Science 6,305 dollars
10 Eng. Language 6,331 dollars
11 French 6,077 dollars
12 Philosophy 6,010 dollars
13 Counselling 6,106 dollars
14 Psychology 6,221 dollars
15 Sociology 6,187 dollars
16 Mass Communication 6,550 dollars
17 Architecture 6,749 dollars
18 Engineering Courses 7,060 dollars
19 Computer Science 6,637 dollars
20 Biochemistry 6,702 dollars
21 Microbiology 6,702 dollars
22 Industrial Chem/Phy/Maths 6,665 dollars
23 Building Technology     6,668 dollars
24 MIS 6,533 dollars
25 Estate Management 6,668 dollars
26 Biology 6,652 dollars

Covenant University Recommended Tuition Fee Banks

The following banks have been recommended for students to pay their tuition fees. They are as follows:

  • GTBank
  • Enterprise Bank
  • UBA
  • Covenant Microfinance Bank (CMFB)
  • First Bank of Nigeria
  • Diamond Bank
  • Access Bank
  • Union Bank
  • Zenith bank

Covenant University Fee Payment Procedure

If you have successfully found out how much you are to pay as your tuition fee, how can you pay your Covenant University tuition fee? What are the steps you should follow to do that? To apply for Covenant University tuition fees, applicants are to follow these steps:

  • Log into Covenant University’s official portal at 
  • Create an active account
  • Enter any bank above and pay your fees
  • You will be given a pin and receipt number
  • Log into the institution’s portal again 
  • Click on Make payment
  • Enter the amount
  • Click on Proceed to continue
  • Enter the pin and receipt number
  • Click pay and that is it
  • Print payment receipt.

So guys that is where we will stop our discussion for today’s post on Covenant University Courses & Tuition Fees 2023/2024 Academic Session. If you have any challenges with the post, do well to contact us by dropping us a report in the comment box below.

Moreso, if you need to know more about the University, please kindly visit the University website that we gave you above. Till we come your way again, keep doing great, and thank you for reading this post.

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